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The LowCVP which was established in 2003, is a public-private partnership that exists to accelerate a sustainable shift to lower carbon vehicles and fuels and create opportunities for UK business. Nearly 200 organisations are engaged from diverse backgrounds including automotive and fuel supply chains, vehicle users, academics, environment groups and others.

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Holywell Building
Holywell Park
LE11 3UZ
United Kingdom

Switchboard: 01509 642500
Website: www.cenex.co.uk

Cenex (www.cenex.co.uk) was established in 2005 with UK government support to help accelerate supply chain and market development for low carbon vehicles through a portfolio of project activities.Today Cenex operates as a not-for-profit consultancy, running programmes and projects for public and private sector clients associated with low carbon vehicles and infrastructure roll out, as well as innovation support. To support our diverse customer base Cenex has used its leading-edge low carbon vehicle expertise to develop a new approach to Fleet Carbon Reduction. This business support package uses our unique Fleet Carbon Reduction Tool (FCRT): a bespoke simulation tool, backed by our real world experience, which can quantify the environmental and economic impact of deploying low carbon vehicles. Cenex works closely with fleet operators on fleet carbon reduction initiatives encompassing fleet technology and emissions analysis, through to the planning and implementation of small fleet demonstration projects for plug-in electric vehicles, gas and hydrogen fuelled vehicles. Cenex also conducts techno-market studies on the supply chain and market aspects of low carbon vehicles and participates in research projects associated with market trialling of low carbon vehicles and fuels. Examples of Cenex project work include the management of the Plugged-in-Midlands programme for electric vehicle infrastructure roll out in the East and West Midlands (www.plugged-in-Midlands.co.uk) and delivery of the National Low Carbon Vehicle event (www.cenex-lcv.co.uk).

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The acceptance of so many significant changes in technology have mainly been driven and brought about by the dedication of the LowCVP.
Alan Martin, Baumot