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The LowCVP which was established in 2003, is a public-private partnership that exists to accelerate a sustainable shift to lower carbon vehicles and fuels and create opportunities for UK business. Nearly 200 organisations are engaged from diverse backgrounds including automotive and fuel supply chains, vehicle users, academics, environment groups and others.

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How to Join the LowCVP

If your organisation has a stake in the UK's move to low carbon vehicles and fuels and agrees with the Partnership's membership principles and commitments (as below), it can become a member of the Low Carbon Vehicle Partnership.

LowCVP Online Application Form | LowCVP Membership Fees 2020/21

Why Join LowCVP? 

LowCVP members have the opportunity to:



With privileged access to information, you’ll gain insight into low carbon vehicle policy development and into the policy process.


You’ll benefit from many opportunities to work – and network - with key UK and EU government, industry, NGO and other stakeholders


You’ll be able to initiate proposals and help to shape future low carbon vehicle policy, programmes and regulations

The activities of the Partnership are governed through Memorandum and Articles of Association.

All members are required to accept LowCVP’s membership principles and commitments make a membership contribution and agree to the memorandum & articles of association.

New applicants - process and timings:

  1. Applicants that wish to join the Partnership need to fill-in the online application form with the company's details and preferences
  2. The application is received by the Membership Coordinator and submitted for pre-approval to the Managing Director
  3. Once pre-approved, an online member profile will be added to the LowCVP Members Directory and login details provided to the main contact
  4. A welcome pack with all membership materials and information, including working group meetings, will be posted to all new applicants 
  5. An invoice will be raised and sent to the main contact (Note: new members please notify the Membership Coordinator if you require a PO number)
  6. All new members applications are subject to final approval by the LowCVP Members Council which meets four times a year

If you are interested in becoming a member and would like to discuss the process further please get in touch with secretariat@lowcvp.org.uk

A member view...

The LowCVP’s strength lies in the breadth of its membership, wealth of information and a place to meet key industry contacts
Glenn Saint, Chief of Engineering and Manufacturing, Arrival