Transport Roadmaps


The UK automotive sector has been revitalised during the last decade through the alignment of both private and public investment with the objective of cutting carbon.

This was only possible by collectively recognising the importance of cutting carbon and the role road transport could play in that objective, and clearly communicating how this will be achieved through a collection of ‘roadmaps’.

These pages provides signposts to the most important roadmaps that have helped inform the collective view. The key roadmaps covered are:

  • Vehicle technology
  • Transport energy
  • Transport energy infrastructure

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Purpose of a Roadmap

The technology roadmaps are a vital tool for directing investment, R&D and policy and are also a vital source of information for technology developers and investors in the automotive sector.

The importance of technology roadmapping is in highlighting how an objective is to be achieved. In the UK a number of roadmaps have been produced setting out the vehicle technologies, transport energy and infrastructure which will be required to deliver the decarbonisation of road transport by 2050.

The roadmaps are plans which match short-term and longterm goals with the specific technology solutions to help meet the goal of decarbonising road transport. These plans apply to a vehicle, energy and infrastructure products, processes, and emerging technologies, and how they will be deployed over time.

The development of these roadmaps has served three major purposes: To help reach a consensus about a set of needs and the technologies required to satisfy those needs; to provide a mechanism to help forecast technology developments; and to provide a framework to help plan and coordinate technology developments.

Who produces Roadmaps?

A number of organisations have undertaken technology roadmaps in the road transport sector.

In September 2013, the Automotive Council published a set of roadmaps to illustrate the advances that will be made in automotive technology in the coming decades.

More recently, the Advanced Propulsion Centre has brought together a set of propulsion roadmaps, which incorporate key Automotive Council documents.

The LowCVP has also been instrumental in working with stakeholders to develop specific vehicle technology roadmaps including technology roadmaps for buses and HGVs, but also in developing fuel and, most recently, infrastructure roadmaps. 

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Key roadmaps are available from the following organisations: