Past Winner Testimonials

“Winning the 2009 Low CVP Technology Challenge has provided a huge boost in industry awareness of our leading edge axial flux technology and provided a valuable platform to build customer engagements”.
James Rosson, Commercial Manager, EVO-Electric.

“As a direct result of the Challenge, we have been able to engage OEMs, interested in our ultra light, ultra efficient, low cost, low emission, revolutionary rotary engine; which is ideally suited for the 'electromobility' paradigm shift to hybrid and plug in hybrid electric vehicles.”
Dan Aris, Managing Director, Libralato.

Competition Details

What is it?

The LowCVP Technology Challenge is an open competition to identify the most promising and viable new low carbon technologies.
The Challenge provides an opportunity for:

  • Emergent supply chain companies, system and technology developers, to differentiate and provide credibility for their engineered solutions;

  • Vehicle and component manufacturers, public authorities, infrastructure providers and investors to identify the most promising, low carbon and marketable ideas.

Who can enter?

The Challenge is open to any UK-located organisation with a viable product, technology or system, able to deliver CO2 savings, with a compelling business case. The product, technology or system must be relevant to the mobility areas defined above, must offer genuine carbon savings through avoided emissions from conventional transport options, comply with current or planned legislation and be developed sufficiently for commercial deployment within around 3 years.

The prize

Winning organisations will engage senior executives superbly placed to help them develop, commercialise and deploy their product, technology or system. Winners will showcase their solutions at a dedicated, prestigious event . This is expected to be attended by key decision makers from city government, airport operators, public transport authorities, major event organisers, transport operators, vehicle & component manufacturers, infrastructure providers and low carbon technology investors. Winners will also gain from dedicated LowCVP support and promotion to raise their profile and bring their innovations to the attention of wider national and international audiences.


Winners were selected by a multi-disciplinary, multi-stakeholder panel of expert assessors. They reviewed each entry for technical merit, viability, environmental benefits and potential for commercialisation within around 3 years.