2017 Awards

The 2017 Low Carbon Champions Awards were held at the NEC, Birmingham on the 11th October 2017, hosted by Energy 2017, as part of UK Construction Week.


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Grand Prix - Outstanding Achievement in Low Carbon Transport Sponsored by Millbrook

Joint Winners: TfL/Go-Ahead London and BYD UK

In September 2016, Transport for London revealed the first two all-electric bus routes (507 and 521) for central London, awarded to the bus operator Go-Ahead London. To accommodate over 45 electric buses and charging infrastructure in a space constrained environment, the group worked tirelessly alongside energy partners SSE to remodel the Waterloo bus garage. The manufacturer, BYD, is jointly recognised for this Grand Prix Award both for supplying the electric buses for the Waterloo bus project and for successfully supplying vehicles and charging solutions to a number of different UK cities.

TFL, Go-Ahead and BYD accepting Grand Prix Award

Low Carbon Car / Van Manufacturer of the Year 2017 Sponsored by Michelin Tyre Plc


The London EV Company changed its name from the London Taxi Company earlier this year. The judges said that LEVC submitted an excellent entry, and has shown leadership and innovation in bringing to market the UK’s – and the world’s – first bespoke electric taxi. In just three years the company has designed and built the vehicle, using a local supply chain, and adopting a range of novel design and assembly processes. This iconic electric taxi will have a key role to play in helping to reduce air pollution and CO2 emission in other cities as well as London.

LEVC accepting award

Low Carbon Heavy Duty Vehicle Manufacturer of the Year Sponsored by Freight in the City


The judges said that BYD’s entry for the introduction of battery electric bus fleets in different cities around the UK represents a step-change in low carbon vehicle uptake in the heavy-duty category. Providing vehicles and charging solutions for the conversion of a whole bus depot from diesel to electric power deserves particular praise and illustrates how BYD’s products have developed beyond trials to full scale market deployment.

BYD UK accepting award

Low Carbon Vehicle Operator of the Year Sponsored by BAE Systems

Transport for London & Go-Ahead London

The judges were hugely impressed by Go-Ahead London’s ground-breaking project to fully electrify an entire bus depot and operate two high profile routes out of the Waterloo Bus Station. They were also impressed by TfL’s ongoing commitment and ambition to deliver a low carbon, zero emissions bus system. In ways so far only seen in China, Go-Ahead and TfL have shown that electric buses and charging infrastructure are now heading firmly from a niche and into the mainstream.

TfL and Go-Ahead London accepting their award

Low Carbon Fuel Initiative of the Year Sponsored by Shell

CNG Fuels

The judges were impressed by CNG Fuels’ comprehensive approach to reducing carbon emissions for the gas-powered heavy vehicle market. CNG Fuels uses a two-track approach of utilising the high-pressure gas grid to reduce supply losses, while also decarbonizing the physical product by tracking biogas supply through the grid using a certification process. The company’s activities will significantly help in decarbonising goods vehicles.

CNG Fuels accepting their award


Low Carbon Road Transport Initiative of the Year Sponsored by Bosch

The Cross River Partnership

The judges were most impressed with the work that the Cross River Partnership has done under the European FREVUE project to trial electric freight vehicles with small businesses. Evidence gathered by the initiative demonstrated a multitude of positive impacts from the deployment of electric vehicles including a reduction in air pollution and noise, as well as cost savings.

Cross River Partnership accepting award

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2017 Award for Low Carbon Innovation by an SME Sponsored by APC UK

Joint Winners: Aquafuel Research and Tevva Motors

The judges decided to make Aquafuel Research and Tevva Motors joint winners for their complementary product development of a very low carbon fuel and a commercial vehicle which can use it. Aquafuel’s innovative glycerine combustion technology dramatically reduces both pollution and carbon emissions, and has provided the power to recharge Formula E motor racing since its inception. It has now been developed for both stationary and mobile applications. Tevva Motors has developed its EV range-extended vehicle to make the most of this glycerine fuel. Tevva’s EV range-extender offers a zero emission, range-sustaining capability for e-trucks which has the potential to be applied to a vehicle of any weight.

Joint Winners: Aquafuel Research and Tevva Motors


2017 Outstanding Low Carbon Publication or Report Sponsored by IMechE

Element Energy and Transport for the West Midlands

The judges felt that this report was very well presented and a good example of effective collaboration between a leading transport authority, expert consultants and other key stakeholders. Clear evidence was provided that the project has made an impact and that it has inspired other city authorities to replicate similar measures elsewhere.

Element Energy accepting award


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Outstanding Individual in Promoting Low Carbon Transport Sponsored by DriveElectric

David Martell, Chargemaster

David Martell is the founder and Chief Executive of Chargemaster. Passionate about cars, David came from a background in accounting before starting Trafficmaster - one of the first nationwide traffic sensing and SatNav companies in 1989. He sold his stake in Trafficmaster after 15 years to focus on electric vehicles. He soon realised that a solid and sustainable infrastructure was going to be the key to the EV economy, and founded Chargemaster with a single aim: to provide a dependable, convenient power source for EV drivers.

David Martell accepting his award



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