2015 Awards Winners

The 2015 Low Carbon Champions Awards took place at a Gala Dinner at the DoubleTree by Hilton, Milton Keynes on Wednesday, 9 September. Additional images are available in the Image Library.

Category Winner

Low Carbon Car / Van Manufacturer of the Year



EDF Energy

Mitsubishi Motors UK

The judges said: “Mitsubishi has been an early adopter and was ready to take a risk which has paid off in terms of vehicle registrations.”

Low Carbon Heavy Duty Vehicle Manufacturer of the Year



Freight in the City


Optare & Scania (Joint winners)

The judges said: “Optare has the largest presence in the market and demonstrates a holistic approach to delivering the product.”

About the Scania gas chassis, the judges said: “Scania has been observing and evaluating the market and then delivered an exceptionally good product with lower associated risk.”

Low Carbon Vehicle Operator of the Year

Runner-up: First UK Bus with City of York



BAE Systems HybriDrive


Dundee City Council

The judges said: “Dundee City Council has put into practice what they preach using alternative fuel technologies and encouraging other cities to do the same. Dundee has demonstrated a strategic approach to both fleet and infrastructure and carefully thought about perceptions and users’ experience.”

Low Carbon Fuel Initiative of the Year



Route Monkey


Convert2Green and United Biscuits

The judges said: “The work that C2G has done to achieve integration of waste reduction, feedstock collection, biofuel production and greening of operations made this approach stand out as particularly innovative and effective.”

2015 Low Carbon Innovation by an SME


Advanced Propulsion Centre


Wirth Research & AVID Technology (Joint winners)


The Judges said: “Wirth Research has applied cutting edge expertise to reduce aerodynamic drag from HGVs.”

AVID Technology improves the efficiency and emissions of heavy-duty vehicles, through the electrification of ancillary systems. The judges said: “AVID has shown leadership in electrifying ancillary systems to achieve efficiency gains in heavy duty vehicles.”

Low Carbon Road Transport Initiative of the Year


Highly Commended: Aberdeen City Council


Bosch UK




GENeco’s Bio-Bus is the only vehicle in the UK fuelled by biomethane gas produced from a mixture of food waste, commercial liquid waste and domestic sewage. The judges said: “GENeco has managed to capture a lot of public imagination with a ground-breaking innovation which uses a mix of waste that otherwise wouldn’t have another use.”

Low Carbon Publication or Report of the Year

Runner-up: UK Power Networks

Highly Commended: ICCT

Highly commended: Element Energy with Birmingham City Council


Institution of Mechanical Engineers


Urban Foresight


The EV City Casebook profiles 50 world-changing ideas that will shape the future of electric mobility. It provides insight and analysis on policies, projects, technologies and business models implemented in 23 countries across six continents. The judges said: “Urban Foresight’s guide brings together important stakeholders at international level with highly tangible outcomes.”

Outstanding Individual in Promoting Lower Carbon Transport



Professor Neville Jackson & Dr Doug Parr (Joint winners)


The judges said: “Wherever Low Carbon Transport innovation is mentioned, Professor Neville Jackson’s name is likely to appear in the next sentence. His list of publications runs to more than four pages and his co-authors read like a ‘who’s who’ of the powertrain sector.”

The judges said: “Where passions have been roused on complex subjects such as biofuels, Doug Parr’s has been a clear voice of reason, helping to navigate the stormy waters. When calls have been made to throw all our eggs into a single technology basket, he has helped to articulate the balanced approach needed.”

‘Grand Prix’ Award: Outstanding Achievement in Low Carbon Transport






The judges said: “Optare is the UK market leader in the production of electric buses – a sector in which the UK has been amongst the world’s leaders… We were impressed by the multi-faceted approach taken by this company to lowering carbon emissions.”