2012 Award Winners

LowCVP presented its third Low Carbon Champions Awards at an evening of celebration in Central London on 29 January 2013. The winners were announced at the Awards gala event which followed the Partnership's 10th anniversary celebration.

Additional photos from the Awards Event are available to view at the LowCVP Image Gallery.


Category Winner    

Low Carbon Car / Van Manufacturer of the Year

Sponsored by: Energy Saving Trust

Toyota (GB) Plc

Toyota has been a pioneer in low carbon mobility in the UK since the launch of the first Prius in 2000. It has reasserted its position in 2012 by successfully introducing full hybrids into new segments to the extent that cars emitting less than 100g CO2/km now represent more than 30% of Toyota and Lexus sales.

Low Carbon Heavy Duty Vehicle Manufacturer of the Year

Hardstaff Group

Sponsored by: Millbrook Proving Ground Ltd

Wrightbus (with Transport for London)

The New Bus for London [NBfL] is the first in over 50 years to be developed specifically for London. The vehicle is stunning, original and passenger friendly, and is set to become an icon for the Capital. Moreover its eye catching design is accompanied by equally impressive environmental credentials.

Low Carbon Vehicle Operator of the Year

John Lewis Partnership
Commercial Vehicle Fleet

Highly Commended
Howard Tenens Associates Ltd

Sponsored by:
BAE Systems HybriDrive

Coca-Cola Enterprises Ltd

Coca-Cola Enterprises’ Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability (CRS) programme is aimed at reducing its environmental impact across the entire value chain. The company is successfully reducing the impacts of conventional fleet operations through driver training and the implementation of behavioural telematics, whilst dedicated bio-methane gas-powered vehicles have driven a significant step change in transport emissions.

Low Carbon Fuel Initiative of the Year

Sponsored by: Michelin

Greenergy International Ltd

Greenergy's new biodiesel pre-processing plant at North Cave is the only facility of its kind and scale in Britain.The plant will increase the range of waste feed stocks and efficiency of biodiesel production by pre-processing low grade waste oils and food prior to its conversion in Greenergy's Immingham biodiesel plant.

2012 Low Carbon Innovation by an SME

Sponsored by: BP

Williams Hybrid Power with Go-Ahead Group
Controlled Power Technologies/Advanced Lead-Acid Battery Consortium

Williams Hybrid Power Ltd (WHP) is a clean technology SME developing magnetically loaded composite flywheel energy storage systems that improve fuel efficiency and reduce emissions in mobile applications. In March 2012 the company announced an innovative partnership with Go-Ahead Group to produce six hybrid buses fitted with flywheel technology.

The low cost LC Super Hybrid demonstrates significant CO2 reduction. The 12V production-ready technology offers an affordable mass market, petrol-powered, large family car with superb drivability, 2-litre equivalent engine performance and 50mpg (5.6 litres/100km) fuel economy achieved at substantially lower cost than an equivalent diesel model or high voltage hybrid.

Low Carbon Road Transport Initiative of the Year

Sponsored by: British Vehicle Rental and Leasing Association

Charge Your Car (North) Ltd

Charge Your Car has been operating in North East England since 2010 with the primary aim of introducing a comprehensive network of electric vehicle charge points in the region. The project is now the most successful regional EV charge point network which has stimulated the market for low carbon vehicle ownership.

Low Carbon Publication or Report of the Year

Sponsored by: iMechE


International Energy Agency (Technology Roadmap/Policy Pathway)

Two linked reports released by the International Energy Agency (IEA) show how the right policies and technologies could improve the fuel efficiency by 50% by the middle of the century and incentivise the introduction of new low carbon fuels, cutting oil consumption in the sector by 80%.

Outstanding Individual in Promoting Low Carbon Transport

Sponsored by: Coventry University

Graham Smith OBE

(Toyota Motor Europe)

The judges said that Graham Smith has dedicated his career as well as a disproportionate amount of personal time, going above and beyond the call of duty to champion low carbon vehicles, representing the wide industry with impartiality in various forums, on many boards and always doing so with passion, energy and dynamism.

Outstanding Achievement in Low Carbon Transport over the last 10 years

Ford Motor Company Ltd
Transport for London

The judges felt that Ford has done the most over the last ten years to improve fuel consumption in the mainstream conventional,volume vehicle market and that this has had a major direct impact on CO2 emissions. As a large employer and investor in the UK, Ford has provided a strong and consistent voice in the low carbon agenda.

TfL has driven low carbon travel forward on many fronts – with hybrid buses, EVs, use of the congestion charge and through supporting users to travel more sustainably. It has used all the tools available to it to embed low carbon travel wherever possible and has been consistent through political changes, having an impact way beyond London, becoming a world leader in this area.