2011 Award Winners

The 2011 LowCVP Low Carbon Champions Awards were awarded at a Gala Reception held at the Institution of Mechanical Engineers (IMechE) in Westminster on 14 November 2011.

Additional photos from the Awards Event are available to view at the LowCVP Image Gallery.

Category Winner    

Low Carbon Car / Van Manufacturer of the Year

Ford Motor Company

Highly Commended
Renault UK

Sponsored by: HPI


Nissan Motor (GB) Ltd

Nissan is a leader in the electrification of transport and impressed the judges with its innovative technology and the breadth of its activities and partnerships. The judges were also impressed with Nissan's communications for the multi-award winning Leaf electric car. Nissan has shown commitment to working with partners to provide a strong charging, sales and service infrastructure to help consumers and companies to reduce their carbon footprints.

Low Carbon Heavy Duty Vehicle Manufacturer of the Year

Hardstaff Group

Leyland Group

Highly Commended
Volvo Group

Sponsored by: Road Haulage Association




Iveco UK Ltd

The judges said that Iveco has established a strong portfolio of lower carbon technologies including a wide range of gas-vehicles and electric and hybrid models in different market segments. It has actively supported the introduction of new technology through innovative promotion.

Low Carbon Vehicle Operator of the Year

Transport for London

Highly Commended
University of Warwick

Sponsored by: TRL

Stagecoach Group

Stagecoach made a strong impression on the judges with the scale of savings delivered including its innovative work using biofuels and greener vehicles. Stagecoach has a comprehensive sustainability strategy and is investing £11million in a range of measures to meet its environmental targets including a cut of 3% in annual fleet transport CO2-equivalent emissions by April 2014.

Low Carbon Fuel Initiative of the Year

Highly Commended
Greenergy Fuels Ltd

Sponsored by: Michelin

Coca-Cola Enterprises Ltd
Gasrec Ltd

Coca-Cola Enterprises and Gasrec were made joint-winners, having shown how effective partnerships and innovation can bring forward the use of alternative, renewable fuels.

Following a successful trial, Coca-Cola has invested over £1.5 million in 14 gas powered vehicles for their North London operation. The rigorously evaluated biomethane vehicle has climate, air quality and noise benefits.

The landfill derived biomethane is supplied by Gasrec Ltd and is 70% lower in carbon than diesel.

2011 Low Carbon Innovation by an SME

Delta Motorsport
Ashwoods Automotive Ltd

Sponsored by: BP

Flybrid Systems LLP

The CFT KERS device from Flybrid Systems is a low cost mechanical hybrid system that uses an innovative clutch-based transmission to transfer energy in and out of a small high-speed rotating flywheel. The product promises up to 20% emissions reduction for a much lower cost than electric hybrid systems.

Flybrid Systems has used an innovative approach to overcome a range of technology challenges to deliver a solution that significantly reduces emissions and enhances driving performance. They have successfully demonstrated the technology in motorsport and brought it to market readiness and imminent introduction.

Low Carbon Road Transport Initiative of the Year

Campaign for Better Transport

Highly Commended Gateshead College

Sponsored by: Next Green Car

WhipCar Ltd

WhipCar is the world's first peer-to-peer car club. Their service enables car owners to rent out their vehicles for money whenever they are not using them, replacing the need for other drivers to buy their own. WhipCar's innovative business model and impressive progress to date were welcomed by the judges. It shows lower carbon transport will require more than just improved vehicles and fuels but also more innovative ways of using them.

Low Carbon Publication or Report of the Year


Highly Commended
Ricardo UK Ltd

Sponsored by: iMechE

Element Energy

Element Energy's study "Influences on the Low Carbon Car Market from 2020-2030" examines the factors affecting the costs of owning low carbon vehicles in the future. Its report has brought new understanding of how and when the market for ultra-low carbon cars is likely to develop.

In the inaugural year of this category, the report was judged ahead of the curve in terms of influencing thinking in this area, and was congratulated for the way it had encouraged partnership working across industry sectors.

Outstanding Individual in Promoting Low Carbon Transport

Sponsored by: Coventry University

Stephen Joseph
Richard Parry-Jones

Due to the quality and wide variety of contributions the winners had made to reducing road vehicle carbon emissions through their careers, Richard Parry-Jones and Stephen Joseph were made joint winners.

Stephen Joseph has been the Chief Executive of the Campaign for Better Transport since 1988 has done a great deal to bring organisations together to share information and work towards common goals.

Richard Parry-Jones is co-Chair of the UK Automotive Council and has been instrumental in corralling the efforts of multinationals in the UK to promote the UK as a centre of excellence for low carbon vehicle technology.

Outstanding Achievement in Low Carbon Transport

Nissan Motor (GB) Ltd

The award for the overall champion for 2011 was judged by a separate panel and the outcome was remarkably close, however the decision was unanimous that the achievement should be given to Nissan Motor.