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"Second Route Master" revealed by Wrightbus and Volvo

Wed 23 March 2016 | Back to news list

The new 'Routemaster Lite' has been revealed by WrightBus and Volvo.

The 66 seat SRM (Smaller RM?) is built using the Volvo B5LH chassis and no longer includes the second staircase and rear doors so synonymous with routemaster buses. The bus is predominantly a combination of the NRM and the Gemini 3 design to minimise the number of new parts, optimising aftermarket support.

Wrightbus are looking to target operators inside and outside the M25 with the SRM available in both one- and two-door models. There is also indication as to the possibility of a zero emission SRM, with mention of the SRM being mounted onto a StreetDeck chassis, of which there are set to be three electric variants in the pipeline. Creating an 11.3m option to be fitted onto a Vovlo B5TL has not been ruled out either.

The first order of six SRMs has already been received from RATPDev as part of a 56-bus contract and are set to be in service later in 2016 on route 13.

The redesign of the routemaster is largely to take into account the second hand market for buses, with NRM needing a second conductor based on its first design. TfL also expressed their desire to see operators purchase their own vehicles rather than TfL lease out vehicles as was the case with the NRMs.

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