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Lighter Buses through Composite Casing

Fri 18 March 2016 | Back to news list

A demonstartion project in Lithuania has demonstrated a 57% weight reduction using composite materials in a project that looks to provide new insights into urban bus design and operation.
The ‘Dancer Bus’ is a demonstration vehicle from JSC ‘vÄ—jo projektai’, which aims to inspire a new generation of urban buses by integrating new materials into the design process, which deliver both reduced weight and a new experience for the passenger.
The project has stripped a diesel Skoda TR14 of the original engine, metallic casing along with all non-essential components. These have been substituted with a battery electric powertrain along with glass and composite panels for the exterior, sections of which are programmable to display visual images.
The pure electric bus can switch between independent battery operation and using overhead centenary wires giving the bus increased flexibility in the urban environment. The next phase of project is to integrate more advanced powertrain systems, including electric motors in the wheels, as well as adding modern media technologies to the vehicle.
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