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Interoperability deal between Bus and Charging Infrastructure OEMS

Fri 18 March 2016 | Back to news list

An agreement between a number of EU bus OEMs and charging infrastructure providers is a significant step in the move towards greater interoperability between electric bus and charging technologies in Europe.
Bus manufacturers Irizar, Solaris, VDL and Volvo have all pledged to ensure all electric buses will be able to communicate and charge with support infrastructure built by ABB, Heliox and Siemens, independent of their manufacturer. For end of route or “opportunity” charging (while the driver takes a short break) systems will included automatic pantograph connectivity and wireless communication. For overnight in-depot charging connection, fast charging plugs currently used for cars will be used as the base for a charging and software communication.
This policy of open interfaces and one system for all will avoid replication of expensive charging infrastructure and presevers an open market in the future for both OEMs and local authorities, demonstrating a clear benefit for passengers and taxpayers in general.

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