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Electric buses to be a "game changer" for battery market?

Fri 04 March 2016 | Back to news list

A new report released by IDTechEx shows how the value of the bus battery market could reach $30bn in 2026, if the shift to electric buses continues at its current rate. Global electric bus sales are currently growing at 20 percent a year and demand for e-bus batteries could overtake the consumer electronics sector in value by as early as 2019.

The report predicts that large battery production, which is almost exclusively based in China, will increase year on year as the e-bus becomes more attractive to operators seeking to meet more stringent AQ and GHG targets. The market could begin to see greater penetration of alternative chemistries, such as nickel manganese cobalt (NMC),to the dominant Lithium Iron Phosphate technologies as safety is improved.

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