Local Authority Transport Policy

Please note: The LCEB accreditation scheme has now been superseded by the Low Emission Bus accreditation scheme which compares GHG savings with conventional Euro V diesel buses rather than Euro III buses for the LCEB scheme.

The Local Transport Act provides new powers for local transport authorities which can be used to encourage the uptake of low carbon buses at a local level. Further details of the Local Transport Act are available from the DfT website.

Local Transport Authority ToolKit for Low Carbon Buses

The Local Transport Authority Toolkit for Low Carbon Buses has been produced by the Low Carbon Vehicle Partnership, with support from Transport & Travel Research Ltd and Strata Consultants. The guidance note is based on a series of detailed interviews with Local Transport Authorities (LTA)and Bus Operating companies.

The aim of the LTA Toolkit is to encourage and increase local government interest in developing low carbon bus strategies that support their own carbon and air quality goals. It explains how the latest bus regulations and powers affect green transport options and highlights the key opportunities where LTAs can play a vital role in encouraging low carbon bus usage in the UK.

The guidance note comprises of five themes covering:

  • Subsidised Service Procurement
  • Voluntary Partnership Agreement
  • Quality Partnership Scheme
  • Quality Contract Scheme
  • Traffic Regulation Condition

The LTA Toolkit has supporting information to aid LTA decision making regarding low carbon buses. This information includes: an illustrative cost analysis showing the financial case for low carbon buses, a policy case for local carbon buses and additional case studies demonstrating effective deployment of low carbon buses.

An on-line financial calculator accompanies the LTA Toolkit. This enables bus operator to calculate the pay- back time of different types of LCEB compared to a standard diesel bus. Click here – LTA Toolkit financial calculator