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  • The Green Motor Expo will showcase a wide range of award-winning vehicles from some of the world's leading automakers and designers. The cars, bikes and vans have been especially selected for their combination of low running costs and low emissions without compromising on style, performance or comfort. Almost all are available from local suppliers now.

  • Following the success of the Energy Management for Defence Infrastructure, RUSI will be holding the second workshop in the Alternative Energy and Sustainability series on 23 September 2009, titled ‘Alternative Fuels and Energy Resources’.

  • A fringe meeting at the Liberal Democrats annual conference hosted by the Climate Clinic and organised by the LowCVP, Friends of the Earth and the New Economics Foundation.

    Speakers: Mark Hunter MP, Shadow Transport Minister; Greg Archer, Managind Director, The LowCVP; Peter Lipman, Sustrans (and Chair, Transition Towns network). Chair: Saamah Abdallah, New Economics Foundation.

  • John Baldwin has been the leading promoter of biomethane to grid and biomethane as a vehicle fuel. His company, CNG Services, developed the concept for the United Utilities-Natiional Grid project at the Davyhulme sewage works and are working on 20 projects to create biomethane, inject it into the gas grid and fuel vehicles with it. This briefing will provide an insight into:
    • market developments
    • the technologies for biogas clean-up,
    • the biomethane vehicles available in the UK
    • the economics and CO2 outcome

  • Industry experts from Axeon, Bright Automotive and Valence Technology make presentations and answer your questions on the future of Lithium-ion battery technology in the global automotive industry.


    3x15-minute audio presentations plus 30-minute Q&A session

  • LCV 2009 is a national event to showcase the latest developments in the low carbon vehicle sector. Organised by Cenex, in partnership with the Technology Strategy Board, BIS and DfT, LCV 2009 is the biggest, free of charge, conference/ride & drive/exhibition of its kind, attracting international visitors, politicians, vehicle manufacturers, technologists and early adopters alike.

  • Kulveer Ranger, Director for Transport Policy, Greater London Authority; and Nick Bisson, Director, Regional and Local Transport Policy, Department for Transport will deliver the keynote addresses at this seminar.

    Following the publication of the recent Way to Go! document by the Mayor of London, this seminar will examine the latest plans for the forthcoming Transport Strategy for London. Timed to coincide with the public consultation on the Strategy, the meeting will discuss the prospects for congestion charging in the UK, opportunities for walking and cycling projects in urban areas and the potential for greater modal shift.

  • GreenFleet Scotland, sponsored by the Energy Saving Trust, is the year's only opportunity for Scottish Fleet Managers and Heads of Transport to test drive the latest low and zero emission vehicles on the market today, from the likes of Citroen, Peugeot, Honda, VW, BMW and Toyota, etc.

  • Biofuels & Bioenergy: A Changing Climate will feature presentations from international experts in bioenergy technology, policy, and strategy and ample opportunities for networking.

  • This Webinar will address one of the hottest topics in the automotive industry at the moment, the LMS Imagine.Lab Fuel Cells solution helps fuel cell manufacturers design and optimize fuel cell stacks and systems via an easily accessible one-dimensional modeling environment. The 1 hour seminar will show how LMS Imagine.Lab Fuel Cells, users can size components, optimize architecture and geometries, and develop and test control strategies. In addition, electrochemical researchers can opt to integrate and test different gas mixtures and material solutions, and predict real-life reactions like voltage and transient temperature evolution, pressure and mass flow rates for the entire system.

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