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  • The Scottish Government has set ambitious targets for a greener Scotland in which transport has a critical role to play. This conference will examine the implications of climate change for transport, including emerging low carbon technologies, procurement of greener vehicles, and behavioural change.

  • Despite the increasing capability of electric vehicles, their widespread global use has been restricted due to range limitations. The lack of a comprehensive recharging infrastructure has been a pivotal challenge to the acceptance of electric vehicles to the mass market. Special guest speakers for this event will include: - Professor Neville Jackson, Chairman - Low Carbon Vehicle Partnership - Josh Steinmann, Vice President of Global Business Development - Better Place.

  • The conference is aimed at facilitating an understanding of the implications of existing, new and future UK and EU climate change policy on businesses. It is held in association with the Department for Business, Enterprise and Regulatory Reform (BERR).

  • Previously known as Company Car in Action this year the event is now called 'The Greener Company Car in Action' and will focus on helping the fleet industry drive down costs and emissions. Visitors will still be able to drive the full model range of manufacturers which are attending the show, with an emphasis on lower emission vehicles in each segment, particularly models producing 160g/km or less.

  • The LowCVP's 2009 annual conference will take place at London's City Hall. It is being held in association with the WhatCar? Green Awards which will follow the conference.

  • A two-day event hosted by Cenex and sponsored by Chesterfield BioGas and Greenlane Biogas. Biomethane offers a unique opportunity to integrate waste management solutions with the production of a clean burning, low carbon transport fuel. This event will showcase expertise from the production of biomethane from organic waste, management of transport fleets and insights into the UK national biogas market.

  • Low Carbon Vehicles 2009

    Date: 20 May 2009

    The two-day Low Carbon Vehicles 2009 conference will cover a wide range of technological approaches to cutting C02 emissions from vehicles. Focussing on advanced IC engines, advanced transmissions, hybrid powertrains and fuel cell developments this conference will help you take a fresh look at the Low Carbon Roadmap.

  • Arrive 'N' Drive 09 will enable fleet managers and those responsible for vehicle procurement to test drive fuel efficient vehicles around a world class race circuit. The Arrive 'N' Drive will feature offerings from the leading manufacturers, including the latest HGV's on display.

  • Sustainabilitylive! 2009

    Date: 19 May 2009

    Sustainabilitylive! 2009 runs from 19 to 21 May 2009 and confronts some of the leading issues facing 21st Century businesses including the energy crisis, environmental processes and water supply. The event will include a zone for organisations to showcase their products and services to fleet managers and environmental enthusiasts.

  • Creating a Low Carbon Future '09 will enable both public and private sector organisations to come together and communicate decisions and solutions necessary for tackling climate change and energy issues – to set in place the targets and timescales required to deliver on the policies contained within the Energy, Planning and Climate Change Bills. It will provide an important forum for discussion and learning among those leading policy and best practice in the transport sector.

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