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  • Part of the zero emission fleets workshop series, this workshop will be focusing on the 6 electric Volvo buses deployed by Birmingham Airport that were in part funded by the DfT's Ultra Low Emission Bus Scheme. These buses are charged pantographically by two pantograph chargers deployed outside the terminal airport as well as slow charged overnight using CCS2 chargers.

  • The UK Bus Summit is the premier bus event covering all parts of the UK. This - the 6th annual Summit - is held right at the heart of Westminster to elevate the importance of bus at the centre of local and national decision making, the event allows the opportunity to compare and contrast bus policy throughout England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. The LowCVP will be an exhibitor at the event.

  • Rushlight Show and Awards

    Date: 30 Jan 2020

    The Rushlight Show and Awards includes an exhibition of innovative clean technology solutions, a conference, awards and networking opportunities.

  • Launch event for the EV Energy Taskforce final report

  • LowCVP is hosting a workshop in partnership with SSE Enterprise to share experiences of depot and fleet electrification for buses.

  • With the growth in electric vehicle numbers within commercial fleets, operators face a new challenge - ensuring their depot electricity capacity is sufficient to meet their recharging needs, through their network connection, on-site energy storage and smart energy management solutions.

    Join us at SSE in Perth, Scotland on 4th December for a workshop to explore the challenges of fleet and depot electrification. The workshop is aimed at operators from all sectors and fleet sizes, as well as local authorities and others interested in sharing experiences and learning more about the challenges of introducing electric vehicles.

    Register for tickets here: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/lowcvp-zero-emission-fleet-series-perth-commercial-vehicles-tickets-76937446975

  • Energy Saving Trust’s Fleet Heroes Awards & Conference 2019 will be held in central London on Thursday 28 November. These awards celebrate sustainable transport and recognise those organisations that are leading the way and making progress towards achieving zero emissions.

  • Achieving the Government’s 2050 net zero carbon target requires the UK to take deep cuts in road transport greenhouse gas emissions over the next two decades. The advancement of zero tail-pipe emission vehicles and low carbon fuels has a critical role to play in reducing vehicle GHG emissions. However, to deliver on these decarbonisation ambitions measures are required by policy makers and the automotive industry to address GHG emission across the vehicle lifecycle, taking into account vehicle production, in-use (WTW) and end of life stages. This could offer the UK new opportunities for delivering a low carbon economy and demonstrating international leadership in GHG emission mitigation.

    The Low Carbon Vehicle Partnership and Advanced Propulsion Centre are holding a workshop on Thursday 28th November to explore how life cycle CO2e assessment can be better integrated into automotive manufacturing and future vehicle policy.

  • JUICE is the UK’s ‘Community’, designed to be the authoritative voice on all things “EV Infrastructure”. This event brings together the automotive community with top experts from the EV, power, tech, research, motor industries, etc. so should be a great networking environment. 

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