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The LowCVP Conference took place on Thursday July 12th.

Progress to a zero emission transport future depends not just on the availability of the right vehicles and fuels but also on the willingness and enthusiasm of consumers and fleet buyers to adopt them. Increasing consumers' appetite for change through supportive policies, effective marketing and other actions will help determine the rate of progress, but will this be enough? Experts explained how they view the 'people, policy, product' conundrum at the LowCVP's 2018 Annual Conference.

The Conference addressed what it’s going to take to bring consumers on the zero emission journey. What are the most effective ways to motivate car buyers and 'mobility consumers' to change their choices for the better? How do we capture their imagination and tap into what’s important to them? Is it possible to break-up their love affair with their fossil energy-powered car; or create such strong demand for zero emission public and private mobility that it shapes the industry for many years to come?

The LowCVP Conference and the 'Road to Zero' in pictures

We asked 'Two Visual Thinkers' to interpret in pictures what was mainly conveyed in words in the Government's 'Road to Zero' strategy and also how people and initiatives discussed at the Conference can feed into the strategy.

A selection of photographs taken at LowCVP's 2018 Annual Conference

12th July 2018
IMechE Lecture Theatre Session One Panel Session Two Session Three Final Session

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LowCVP Conference 2018 presentations

Click on the links below to download LowCVP Conference 2018 presentations and other resources.

Session 1: Products, People and Policy: Who's in the driving seat?

Session Two: Who Holds the Keys to Progress? Will we go on buying vehicles, or will we buy the journey?

Session Three: People, Policy or Product - Government Policy and the role of the consumer.

Final Session: Going forward together - Panel Debate and conference close

Results of interactive delegate polling

Media coverage of the LowCVP 2018 Conference included:

Celebrating 15 Years of Low Carbon

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