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LowCVP News - 30 September 2011 Issue 85

Average new car sold in Europe is now both cleaner and cheaper says T&E report

In its latest report on car maker progress towards EU CO2 targets Transport and Environment (T&E) says that the average new car sold in Europe was 4% more fuel efficient, emitted 4% less CO2 and was also 2.5% cheaper in real terms than a year earlier. T&E says that this provides further evidence that the motor industry repeatedly overstates the cost of meeting emissions reduction legislation.

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Climate Change News

Global CO2 emissions at record high; extreme steps needed says new research

World CO2 emissions rose 45% between 1990 and 2010 reaching an all-time high of 33 billion tonnes, according to a new report by the EU's Joint Research Centre (JRC). Meanwhile, new research to be published in a leading journal says that large scale removal of CO2 from the atmosphere may be neccessary if emissions keep rising after 2020.

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Policy Developments

DfT to launch consultation on increasing motorway speed limit to 80mph

The Transport Secretary Philip Hammond has announced a consultation on increasing the motorway speed limit in England and Wales to 80mph. Mr Hammond said the current limit of 70mph is out of date and that the higher limit would give the economy a boost. The proposal was immediately criticised by environmental and safety campaigners who said it would lead to higher carbon emissions and more road accidents.

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Reports & Studies

Early findings published from Europe’s largest trial of low carbon vehicles

The Technology Strategy Board has published an initial analysis of data collected from its UK-wide demonstrator programme involving 340 ultra-low carbon vehicles. The early indications are that most participants were impressed with the performance of their vehicles with 83% of private drivers saying the vehicles met their daily needs.

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LowCVP study demonstrates that the cost of owning electric vehicles will fall substantially to approach those of conventional cars

LowCVP News Release: The total cost of owning an electric or hydrogen vehicle is likely to fall substantially and approach those of conventional cars within 15-20 years according to a new study.

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New report from Oxfam calls for change in EU biofuels policy

New research by Oxfam calls on the EU to 'urgently fix biofuels policy driving a scramble for land in poor countries'. Meanwhile, the European Commission has been accused of shying away from the introduction of more sophisticated carbon accounting methods for biofuels in the face of mounting evidence of their indirect land-use effects.

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LowCVP News

LowCVP Low Carbon Champions Awards 2011 - brief nominations deadline extension!

The LowCVP has announced a brief extension to the deadline for nominations for for the LowCVP’s second Low Carbon Champions Awards which will be presented during a gala reception on November 14 at One Birdcage Walk, Westminster. The final deadline for nominations is now Wednesday 5 October.

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LowCVP conference introduces investment community to low carbon transport opportunities

On 11 October 2011, the LowCVP held an investor event in collaboration with PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) and the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) on the future of the low carbon vehicle (LCV) sector. The aim of the event was to provide an overview of the LCV industry to identify investment and networking opportunities for the investment community.

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LowCVP seminar: 'Moving to a life-cycle assessment of vehicle emissions'
14th Nov 2011

Book now for this LowCVP seminar, hosted in collaboration with the Institution of Mechanical Engineers (IMechE), which will focus on the key issues surrounding the move from tail-pipe to life-cycle measures of vehicle emissions. The event, which features leading internatonal speakers, is free to LowCVP and IMechE members and will precede the LowCVP Low Carbon Champions Awards gala reception at the same venue.

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Low Carbon Champions Awards Gala Reception and Seminar
14th Nov 2011

There’s only a week to go to book your place at the LowCVP Low Carbon Champions Awards which will take place as part of a Gala Reception at One Birdcage Walk, Westminster on 14 November, from 6.00pm. The keynote speaker will be Tony Juniper, a campaigner, writer, sustainability adviser and former Director of Friends of the Earth International. The Awards follow an afternoon seminar on the subject 'Moving to a life-cycle assessment of vehicle emissions'. Both events are free to LowCVP members but there's a modest charge for the seminar for others.

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Industry News

Toyota set to launch plug-in Prius in 2012

Toyota has announced that the new Prius Plug-In hybrid will go on sale in the UK during the first half of 2012. Toyota says that the electric driving range is expected to be more than 14 miles. The car will cost £26,000 after the deduction of the £5,000 Government low carbon car grant.

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Nissan establishes business partnerships to promote fast charging installations for EVs

Nissan has teamed up with leading European utility and electrical vehicle supply equipment companies to accelerate the development and roll-out of cheaper, smaller, fast charging units for electric vehicle batteries, and to pave the way for the installation of public fast-charge units across the continent.

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Jaguar Land Rover announces £355m investment in plant to manufacture low emission vehicles

Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) has announced plans to invest £355m in a new manufacturing plant in the midlands which will produce advanced, low emissions engines. The investment will create up to 750 jobs.

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New model car club begins national advertising campaign

A neighbour-to-neighbour car rental service has begun an advertising campaign in the national press. WhipCar, which claims to have grown faster than other leading UK car clubs, provides a model which enables private car owners to rent out their cars for the first time.

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New fleet of hybrid buses launched in Edinburgh

A fleet of 15 hybrid buses to be operated by Lothian Buses has been launched by Scotland's Transport Minister Keith Brown. The fleet has been part-funded by the Scottish Executive's Green Bus Fund.

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Siemens and Volvo join forces on EVs

Chinese-owned Swedish automaker  Volvo and German technology providers Siemens have agreed a strategic cooperation to advance the technical development of electric vehicles. The two companies will be developing and integrating electrical drive technology, power electronics and charging technology in the Volvo C 30 Electric.

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Repsol launches Entrepreneurs Fund to encourage innovation in all types of energy efficiency

Repsol, one of the world largest energy groups, has launched a new fund to encourage and support innovation in energy efficiency. The Repsol Foundation Entrepreneurs Fund aims to promote innovation and entrepreneurial development in the field of energy efficiency and new energy sources.

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Technology News

TSB and BIS to invest £10m in low carbon vehicle technology projects

The Technology Strategy Board (TSB) and the Department of Business Innovation and Skills (BIS) have come to a joint agreement to grant £10m to 16 R&D projects focusing on low carbon vehicle technologies.

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European Commission announces consultation on reducing CO2 emissions from road vehicles

The Directorate-General for Climate Action has launched a public consultation on reducing greenhouse gas emissions from road transport. It aims at obtaining the views of individuals and organisations on the relevance and impact of the proposed strategy and legislation. The results will feed into the Commission's decision making on EU regulations for cars, vans and Heavy Duty Vehicles.

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Other News

EST launches new video guide to realities of electric vehicle adoption

The Energy Saving Trust (EST) has published a new video guide - 'Living with an electric car' - which highlights the real world benefits and limitations of electric vehicle ownership.

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A story of love, travel...and waste cooking oil (lots of it)

Andy Pag from London and Christina Ammon from Oregon, USA, have arrived in the UK after a two-year around-the-world journey in a recycled 'biotruck' powered by used cooking oil which they scavenged from fryers along their 30,000km route. Andy had built the truck from an old school bus salvaged from a scrap yard. He set off alone in 2010 but met and fell in love with Christina during the journey.

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The 2011 Carbon Show
20th Oct 2011

As the only show that covers the full life cycle of carbon, The Carbon Show is a business event for anyone looking for information on greenhouse gas emissions, renewable energy, the CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme, green technology, carbon management and carbon finance.

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LowCVP speaker at party conference fringe event - October 4

The LowCVP Managing Director Greg Archer will be speaking at a fringe event to be held at the Conservative Party Conference in Manchester on 4 October. The event, which has as its theme 'Delivering a Low Carbon Transport System', is organised by ACT TravelWise and will also feature Theresa Villiers, Minister of State for Transport.

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UKTI invites transport greentech interest in low carbon trade mission to the US

UK Trade and Investment (UKTI) has organised a trade mission to the US which will include a visit to Engine Expo, Battery Testing Expo and Engine Testing Expo and a number of visits to leading OEMs, with particular interest in low carbon, energy efficient vehicle technology and development, and their suppliers.

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ACT TravelWise autumn national conference: ‘The Challenges and Opportunities for Smarter Travel: LSTF or Bust?’
25th Nov 2011

The ACT TravelWise autumn national conference will combine a demonstration of best practice with interactive training, this one-day event will showcase the opportunities for smarter choices created through the introduction of the Local Sustainable Transport Fund and other funding sources. It will also highlight the challenges that lie ahead in delivering an ambitious programme of interventions.

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Westminster Energy, Environment & Transport Forum Keynote Seminar - The future of the automotive industry
1st Nov 2011

This seminar will bring together policymakers in Parliament and Whitehall. Senior stakeholders in the automotive industry, their suppliers and other stakeholders, including the LowCVP Managing Director Greg Archer, will examine the prospects for the UK and European automotive sectors as the markets recover from the global economic downturn.

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News in Brief

Cambridge Econometrics says carbon emissions to accelerate later but 2020 reduction target will be missed (Camecon website)
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Car makers spearheading drive to incorporate renewables in manufacturing facilities (Independent news link)
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30 MPs sign Early Day Motion calling for biofuels use to be frozen pending stronger sustainability assurances (EDMs website link)
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European car makers take initial steps to a uniform system of e-vehicle charging (ACEA report download)
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Green Alliance publishes analysis of Government's progress against environmental commitments (Green Alliance report download)
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UK's first low carbon vehicle academy opens in Gateshead (Edie news link)
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DfT announces consultation on labelling requirements for road fuel containing more than 10% biofuel (DfT website link)
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Vauxhall Ampera wins WhatCar? Green Car of the Year Award 2011 (Automotive Industry news link)
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