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LowCVP News - 31 October 2011 Issue 86

Justine Greening replaces Philip Hammond as Transport Secretary

Justine Greening, MP for Putney and the former Economic Secretary to the Treasury, has replaced Philip Hammond as Transport Secretary following the resignation of Dr Liam Fox. Mr Hammond replaces Dr Fox as Defence Secretary while Chloe Smith replaces Ms Greening as Economic Secretary to the Treasury.

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Climate Change News

New US analysis concludes climate change is happening

The Berkeley Earth Project - a US-based study of climate interactions - says that the Earth's surface is getting warmer. The study, by scientists at the University of California, Berkeley, is the most comprehensive independent review of historical temperature records to date. It confirms the warming trend observed by the UK Met Office and Nasa. Meanwhile a separate report by UK scientists, published in Nature, says that global temperature increase could exceed the two degrees regarded as 'safe' within the lifetime of some people living today.

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Policy Developments

Additional Government investment announced to support low carbon vehicle commercialisation via TSB

The Government is to invest a total of £25 million on projects to accelerate the commercialisation of low carbon vehicles, following the announcement of an additional £10m to be targeted through a funding competition, delivered by the Technology Strategy Board working alongside the Office for Low Emission Vehicles. The funds will go to research and development projects focused on energy storage and management and lightweight vehicle and powertrain structures.

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150 scientists and economists call on Commission to recognise biofuels' indirect impacts

More than 150 scientists and economists have written to the European Commission calling for it to recognise that biofuels production can have indirect impacts on land-use, and for the resulting emissions to be taken into account in assessing which biofuels help in the fight against climate change.

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IEA boss says slashing of fossil fuel subsidies is the main policy item for tackling climate change

The International Energy Agency's Chief Economist, Fatih Birol, has called on world policy makers to cut hundreds of billions of dollars of subsidies to the fossil fuel industry or face potentially catastrophic climate change. Birol said that $409bn equivalent of fossil fuel subsidies are in place which encourage developing countries - where most energy demand and CO2 emissions increases will come from - towards a wasteful use of energy.

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UK Government under attack by environmentalists over stance on oil derived from tar sands

Britain has come under attack from environmentalists for seeking to delay attempts by the European Union to penalise oil derived from tar sands. Opponents of the use of fossil fuels from tar sands say that due to the energy required to extract the fuel, life-cycle CO2 emissions from its use are increased by up to a quarter.

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Reports & Studies

Plug-in car grant take-up remains sluggish - latest figures

Take-up of the £5,000 plug-in car grant appears to be slowing according to the latest figures. Only 106 electric and plug-in cars were registered in the quarter to September, making a total of less than a thousand vehicles registered in the first three quarters since the scheme began.

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New 'think-tank' report says decoupling oil use from road transport growth may be possible

A new report from the Institute of Public Policy Research (IPPR) says that the historic link that has bound oil use to the growth in road transport may be loosening but that seriously weakening it will require bold efforts on the part of policy makers. The IPPR's econometric model for road transport shows, however, that as a result of vehicle electrification fuel duty revenues will more than halve in real terms by 2030 – by at least £10bn.

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LowCVP News

LowCVP seminar: 'Moving to a life-cycle assessment of vehicle emissions'
14th Nov 2011

Book now for this LowCVP seminar, hosted in collaboration with the Institution of Mechanical Engineers (IMechE), which will focus on the key issues surrounding the move from tail-pipe to life-cycle measures of vehicle emissions. The event, which features leading internatonal speakers, is free to LowCVP and IMechE members and will precede the LowCVP Low Carbon Champions Awards gala reception at the same venue.

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LowCVP holds new series of webinars focusing on innovation in the UK auto supply chain

The LowCVP is running a new series of webinars under the title 'Technology Bites', which aims to raise awareness of emerging capabilities in the UK low carbon automotive supply chain. The webinars provide a platform for LowCVP members to promote their technology, product or service to the wider stakeholder community interested in low carbon vehicles and fuels.

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LowCVP conference introduces investment community to low carbon transport opportunities

On 11 October 2011, the LowCVP held an investor event in collaboration with PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) and the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) on the future of the low carbon vehicle (LCV) sector. The aim of the event was to provide an overview of the LCV industry to identify investment and networking opportunities for the investment community.

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Industry News

Siemens and BMW join forces to introduce flexible rapid charging

Siemens and BMW have announced a collaborative project to develop a fast charging system which will make it possible to use the same charging socket for electric cars on either direct current (DC) or alternating current (AC) in the future.

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UK's first privately-funded EV recharging network announced

Chargemaster Plc has announced the launch of POLAR, the first privately funding nationwide electric vehicle charging network. The initial roll-out will include around 100 towns and cities and provide 4,000 fully installed EV charging bays by the end of 2012.

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Nissan-Renault plans 1.5 million zero-emission vehicles by end-2016

Nissan Motor Co. Ltd has announced a six-year environmental plan which includes the objective of achieving cumulative sales of 1.5m zero-emission vehicles across the Nissan-Renault Alliance by the end of 2016. The plan is for Nissan to be the global leader in fuel efficiency with a 35% improvement in corporate average fuel economy by end-2016 compared with 2005.

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International Developments

Electric car-sharing scheme launched in Paris

The city of Paris has launched the first electric car-sharing scheme, 'Autolib'. Its advocates say the scheme will help in cutting noise and air pollution while discouraging private car ownership and boosting the profile of electric vehicles.

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Other News

London police trial electric motorcycles

In an effort to cut fleet emissions, the Metropolitan Police Service has announced it will be trialling the Zero Dual Sport (DS) bike provided by manufacturer Zero Motorcycles in two areas of the force.

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News in Brief

Campaign for Better Transport says 80mph motorway limit would be 'stealth tax on motorists' (CfBT press release)
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EEA report highlights official bioenergy accounting error - says biofuel policy implemented badly could raise emissions, add to hunger (EEA report download)
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Scottish Government announces £4.2m funding for low carbon vehicles (egov monitor news link)
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First UK tariff for electric vehicles introduced (EDIE news link)
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US grants $156m for green tech solutions (International Business Times news link)
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Scottish primary school congratulated by Scottish Parliament over 'zero car chalenge' (Scotsman news link)
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EEA figures show EU is on track to meet Kyoto Protocol targets (EU Business link)
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EST reveals realities of electric driving with new videos (EST news link)
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