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LowCVP News - 31 January 2012 Issue 89

Government extends Plug-in Car Grant to vans

The Department for Transport has announced that van buyers will be able to receive 20% - up to £8000 - off the cost of a plug-in van. The DfT has also confirmed that the Plug-in Car Grant will be extended until 2015.

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Policy Developments

New Government and cross-industry programme aims to make hydrogen powered travel in the UK a reality

The UK Government has announced the launch of a government-industry project which aims to ensure that the UK is well-positioned for the commercial roll-out of hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicles. The new programme – UKH2Mobility – has been set up to evaluate the potential for hydrogen as a fuel for Ultra Low Carbon Vehicles in the UK before developing an action plan for an anticipated roll-out to consumers in 2014/15.

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Deadline approaching for Round Three of Green Bus Fund

Bidding is continuing for £20m available under Round Three of the Department for Transport's Green Bus Fund. The deadline for returned bids is Friday 10th February 2012.

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Cutting fossil fuel subsidies could provide half required carbon savings - IEA chief

Eliminating subsidies for coal, gas and oil could save the equivalent of Germany's total annual greenhouse gas emissions each year by 2015, according to one of the world's leading energy experts.

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Scottish Government announces £50m boost for low carbon transport

The Scottish Government has announced details of £50m spending to promote sustainable transport over the next four years. The Future Transport Fund aims to encourage investment in and development of low carbon road transport in Scotland.

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European Commission considering 70g/km average limit for cars in 2025 amongst other proposals

The European Commission plans to take further initiatives on low carbon transport in 2012 as part of the EU's strategy for clean and energy efficient vehicles. One of the options under discussion is to set a limit of a 70g/km CO2 average for 2020.

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Reports & Studies

LowCVP introduces Local Transport Authority 'Toolkit' for low carbon buses

The LowCVP has introduced a new guide designed to encourage and increase local government interest in developing low carbon bus strategies which support their own carbon and air quality goals. The Toolkit is a practical guide for transport managers working in local transport authorities and a reference for reviewing the merits of low carbon buses.

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Joint Volvo-Michelin study highlights importance of wheel and tyre choices in cutting CO2

Recent research by truck maker Volvo and tyre manufacturer Michelin shows that having the right tyres, tyre pressure and wheel alignment can reduce fuel consumption - and therefore CO2 emissions - by up to 15%.  The resulting savings, they say, could be as much as €8,000 per vehicle per year.

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EEA report shows benefits of environmental tax reform

The European Environment Agency says that environmental tax reform could simultaneously reduce income tax, increase innovation and cut pollution by introducing well-targeted environmental taxes and recycling the revenues back into the economy.

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Biodiesel from traditional sources may be more polluting than crude oil, leaked data shows

EurActiv has published leaked data from the European Commission which shows that much biodiesel produced from palm oil and soy beans is more polluting than emissions from conventional oil use after everything - including indirect land use change (iluc) - is taken into account. The leaked report also says that biofuels made from 'non-land using' sources such as straw and waste offer significantly more potential for cutting emissions.

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LowCVP News

LowCVP Conference 2012 - Thursday May 10, ExCel Conference Centre - hold the date!!

The LowCVP's 2012 Conference will take place on Thursday 10 May, alongside the EcoVelocity low carbon motor show which will run at ExCel from 10-13 May.

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Staffing changes at the LowCVP

After 7 years leading the LowCVP, Managing Director Greg Archer has departed at the end of this month. Greg has joined the Brussels-based environmental group Transport and Environment to lead their programme for cleaner vehicles.

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Technology News

Biofuels from seaweed breakthrough

Scientists in the United States have genetically engineered microbes to process brown seaweed into biofuel. Researchers from bio-technology start-up Bio-Architecture Lab (BAL) in Seattle forecast that underwater farms could become sources of the renewable energy.

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International Developments

California mandates 34 per cent GHG emissions cut from cars by 2025

California has approved stringent new rules to cut greenhouse gas emissions from cars which will require car makers to put many more electric and hybrid vehicles on the State's roads by 2025.

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LowCVP Webinar: Technical and environmental properties of European passenger cars - ICCT Pocketbook of unique data
15th Feb 2012

In January 2012 the ICCT published the first edition of its "Pocketbook European Vehicle Market Statistics". This publication is a unique compilation of data on the technical and environmental properties of passenger cars and vans in Europe for the years 2001 to 2010. It provides answers to questions like "What is the level of carbon dioxide emissions by country and manufacturer?" or "What is the market share of passenger cars with real-wheel drive by manufacturer?".

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News in Brief

UK new car registrations down 4.4% in 2011. Average CO2 emissions at record low of 138.1g/km  (BBC news link)
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French state support for biofuels benefited farmers but provided little energy and unclear environment benefits (Reuters link) 
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Business responsible for nearly 60% of all new car purchases in 2011 says BVRLA (Auto Industry Digest link)
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California Air Resources Board (CARB) to challenge judge's decision to block low carbon fuel standard (Business news link)
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Low carbon car hire company adds all-electric Renaults to rental fleet in London (Greentomatocars news release)
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Entrepreneur reveals plans to set up small EV factory in Wales, potentially creating 85 jobs (Daily Post news link)
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Kia wins ultra low carbon car award from WhatCar? (TRL news link)
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Kia introduces Korea's first electric production vehicle (Fleet News link)
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UK car production up in 2011 - now number 4 in Europe - thanks to Nissan-Tata production rise (Bloomberg news link)
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Electric car use to reach 'tipping point' by 2015 says Better Place' Chair (Bloomberg news link)
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2011 was ninth warmest year since 1880 according to NASA (Planet Ark news link)
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A portfolio of Powertrains for Europe - McKinsey Report link
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Environmentalists mount legal challenge to California Judge's decision on Low Carbon Fuel Standard (Capitol Weekly news link)
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