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LowCVP News - 31 October 2012 Issue 98

European Commission publishes biofuels proposals to limit global land conversion and cut use of food-based crops

The European Commission has published important proposals to limit global land conversion for biofuel production and raise the minimum required GHG saving threshold for new installations to 60%. The proposals will also limit the use of food-based biofuels and include a promise to review the policy and scientific evidence on indirect land-use change (ILUC), which will take place in 2017. EU Climate Commissioner Connie Hedegaard called the proposals a clear signal that first-generation biofuels are “not the future in Europe”.

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Policy Developments

Government examining proposals for replacement of VED; options for road funding

The 'think-tank' CentreForum has proposed that Vehicle Excise Duty (VED) should be replaced by a one off charge levied on a sliding scale according to emissions for new cars. Meanwhile, the CBI has proposed a road-user charge to relieve congestion and finance road building; and the LowCVP has responded to an inquiry by the Environmental Audit Committee into Budget 2013 and fiscal support for the green economy.

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Reports & Studies

RAC Foundation publishes new report on the effectiveness of eco-driving

A new report 'Easy on the Gas' from the RAC Foundation investigates the potential of eco-driving to deliver cost and emissions savings, and the ways in which it can be encouraged, for example through the driving test, intelligent vehicle design and information campaigns. The report concludes that fuel and carbon savings of between 5% and 10% are possible.

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UK makes biggest ever carbon cuts while overall EU GHG emissions fall significantly in 2011

The UK cut its greenhouse gas emissions faster than any other country in Europe in 2011 as overall EU emissions fell by an average of 2.5%. While the UK is set to significantly over-achieve on its carbon targets under the Kyoto Protocol, Spain and Italy may struggle to reach theirs according to new figures released by the European Environment Agency.

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Norwegian University study shows EV life-cycle emissions benefits vary significantly depending on electricity source

The Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) has published a study comparing the emissions resulting from the production, in-use, and end-of-life phases of electric and internal combustion engine vehicles in a full life-cycle analysis. The study concludes that electric vehicles (EVs) coupled with low-carbon electricity sources can cut greenhouse gas emissions and exposure to tailpipe emissions from personal transportation but, depending on the method of power generation used, the benefits may be limited.

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IEA says electric cars are key to low carbon future

The International Energy Agency (IEA) says that it considers electric vehicles to be one of the best options for decarbonising the transport sector, especially in urban areas.  

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UK data shows year-on-year improvements in GHG savings from biofuels

Data for biofuels delivered to the UK market shows that greenhouse gas savings compared to fossil fuels have improved year-on-year since the obligation to report data was introduced in 2008-9. Unverified data for 2011-12 suggests a further improvement. However, the statistics exclude emissions from indirect land use change (iluc).

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Tougher vans target could save owners money and would cost less to deliver than expected - TNO study

A new study by TNO, commissioned by T&E, says that if an emissions limit for vans were imposed at the same level of stringency as is proposed for cars for 2020, it would save owners of new vans €825 a year, and the technology will also be much cheaper than previously thought.

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Regulation-driven investment in low carbon vehicles stimulates EU jobs and competitiveness - new report

A new report commissioned by Transport & Environment (T&E), the Brussels-based campaign group, says that investment in lower carbon vehicles could stimulate the creation of over 100,000 jobs in the European Union. The report - Low Carbon Vehicles: Good for EU Employment - by Dutch consultancy CE Delft, reviewed a large number of recent studies on the employment impacts of GHG reduction policies for transport.

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LowCVP News

LowCVP Low Carbon Champions Awards to be presented at London ceremony, 29 January 2013

The LowCVP Low Carbon Champions Awards celebrate achievements in delivering innovation, new products, programmes and other initiatives which have helped to accelerate the shift to low carbon road transport. The LowCVP's third Champions Awards will be presented at a gala event to take place at One Birdcage Walk on January 29 2013 following a keynote address from Lord Deben (John Gummer), Chair of the Committee on Climate Change. Former 'Tomorrow's World' presenter Kate Bellingham will be the Awards MC.

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LowCVP 10th Anniversary Reception
29th Jan 2013

The LowCVP is to hold an event to celebrate the Partnership's first ten years on Tuesday 29 January 2013 at One Birdcage Walk. The Anniversary Reception, to be attended by transport minister Norman Baker, provides an opportunity to celebrate the successes of the LowCVP's first ten years and to introduce a strategy for the future. The Anniversary Reception will be a LowCVP members-priority event. It will precede the announcement of the 2012 LowCVP Low Carbon Champions Awards winners (7.30-c8.45pm) in the theatre at the same venue.

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Sustainable Urban Mobility - Responding to the Challenge
10th Dec 2012

How will technology shape mobility in the cities of the future? Find out about some exciting new ideas presented at this half-day seminar which included presentations from leading speakers on innovative options for improving transport and mobility in urban areas. Held in association with the Institution of Mechanical Engineers (IMechE), the event included presentations from the winners of the LowCVP's Urban Mobility Technology Challenge 2012. Copies of the presentations can be downloaded..

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LowCVP at the 2012 Party Conferences

The LowCVP took part in this autumn's Conservative, Labour and Liberal Democrat party conferences as a member of the new Sustainability Hub, also collaborating in a fringe meeting and other activities.

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Strengthening the role of universities in supporting SMEs

If the UK is to develop a successful low carbon vehicle manufacturing industry it will need to strengthen and develop its supply chain to encourage new technology providers to establish themselves alongside traditional vehicle makers. To this end, the LowCVP has introduced a theme into its work programme which will look at how universities can best engage with, and support, the SMEs in this sector.

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Technology News

Scientists turn air into petrol

A small UK company, Air Fuel Synthesis, says that it has developed a revolutionary technique that can convert carbon dioxide and water vapour into petrol. The company has managed to produce five litres using a small experimental refinery and is hoping to move up to a much larger production facility within two years that will be capable of producing a ton of petrol a day.

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Other News

EcoVelocity Motor Show to be relaunched as 'Future Drive'

EcoVelocity, the motoring component of the 2012 Grand Designs Live exhibition at Excel which provided the backdrop for the LowCVP's Annual Conference has been relaunched as the Future Drive Motor Show. 

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LowCVP Technology Bites Webinar Series: 7 November 2012: Dearman Engine Company Ltd and PI Innovo
7th Nov 2012

This webinar was the latest in the LowCVP Technology Bites series and took place on Wednesday, 7 November at 12:30pm BST. Featured were LowCVP members Dearman Engine Company Ltd and PI Innovo. The webinar was chaired by the LowCVP and participants had the opportunity to participate in a Q&A session. Recordings of past webinars in this series are now available to view/listen again.

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Open Space Articles

New tyre label will help inform consumers, cut emissions (by Eric Le Corre, MD, Michelin Tyre PLC)

Motorists who plan on buying new tyres after 1 November 2012 will find themselves presented with clearer details about the performance of their tyres, thanks to new legislation. The UK is set to introduce a new system of tyre labelling, which is designed to enable motorists to make more informed decisions when purchasing tyres. The familiar energy efficiency label, commonly associated with household electrical appliances, will now apply to tyres, providing at-a-glance information on fuel efficiency, wet grip and external rolling noise.

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LowCVP - other future activities

LowCVP Board: 14 November. On the agenda: Biofuels; HGV taskforce; Bus incentives
Fuels Working Group: 27 November. On the agenda: Biofuels/E10; RED/FQD
Passenger Car WG: 29 November. Onthe agenda: Car labelling; Changing car buyer behaviour; low carbon vans 
Innovation WG: 4 December. On the agenda: Technology Challenge; University support for SMEs; Committee elections; Barriers to SME innovation; Low Carbon Automotive Directory. 
Members Council: 12 December

If you are already a member, login to the LowCVP members' section. To join the Partnership and help steer the policy and build the markets, click here.

New LowCVP Members

New LowCVP Members: Autoporto Limited

Autoporto Limited

New LowCVP Members: Dearman Engine Company Ltd

Dearman Engine Company Ltd

New LowCVP Members: ecomfm


New LowCVP Members: Institution of Mechanical Engineers

Institution of Mechanical Engineers

New LowCVP Members: Prova Public Relations

Prova Public Relations

New LowCVP Members: Swansea University

Swansea University

New LowCVP Members: The World Refining Association

The World Refining Association

New LowCVP Members: CNG Services Ltd

CNG Services Ltd

News in Brief

Nissan and Ecotricity open first fast-charge points for EVs on UK motorways (Fleet News link)
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George Osborne describes climate campaigners as 'environmental Taliban' (Telegraph news link)
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European Parliament Vote brings commitment for 2014-20 EU budget to spend 20% on climate action one step closer (WWF news link)
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Germany set to subsidize EV introduction as it aims for goal of one million fossil-free cars by 2020 (Planet Ark link)
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DfT publishes revised BSOG guidance detailing eligibility criteria for commercial operators (DfT website link)
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Volvo sells out of first production run of V60 hybrids (EV World news link)
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Audi pioneering development of eco-fuels from wastewater (Edie news link)
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Ford reveals carbon fibre car bonnet that can cut fuel consumption (Fleet Directory news link)
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Nottingham's first hydrogen filling station opens at 'green' university research building (Nottingham Univ press release)
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BP drops plans to build a $300m 'second generation' ethanol plant in Florida  
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UK's first public access hydrogen filling station opens in Swindon (Greenfleet news link)
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Ricardo wins regional growth Fund bid for new £10m low carbon vehicle research centre in Shoreham (3d Car Shows link)
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Chinese Government announces funding to support technological innovation in low carbon vehicles (Xinhua news link)
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BYD and greentomatocars sign MoU to introduce London's first fleet of 50 pure electric minicabs (greentomatocars news link)
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Modernisers v 'anti-greens': the fight for the future of the Conservative Party (Business Green article link)
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