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LowCVP News - 30 November 2012 Issue 99

European Commission publishes Cars 2020 Action Plan "for industry competitiveness and sustainability"

The European Commission has tabled its CARS 2020 Action Plan which aims to reinforce the industry's competitiveness and sustainability heading towards 2020. The Action Plan is linked to Commission proposals with the label 'Horizon 2020'  under which there will be €80bn for measures to boost research, innovation and competitiveness in Europe across a range of sectors. The Commission proposes to streamline research and innovation under the European Green Vehicle Initiative. It also intends to set up an Alternative Fuels Strategy, develop a new driving test cycle that produces results closer to 'real world' conditions, promote dialogue around a voluntary fuel labelling scheme and more closely monitor biofuels blending rates used in different member states.

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Policy Developments

Government publishes Energy Bill to "power low carbon economic growth, protect consumers and keep the lights on"

The Government has published a new Energy Bill which it says will help promote low carbon economic groth, protect consumers and ensure supply sufficiency. However, a decision about setting carbon emission targets for 2030 has been delayed until 2016, after the next general election.

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Government announces further £20m investment in low carbon buses as it launches Green Bus Fund 4

Transport minister Norman Baker has announced that an extra £20 million is being made available for the government’s Green Bus Fund. This is the fourth installment of funding for the Green Bus Fund and brings total government support for this initiative to £95m. The Department for Transport has also launched an easy-to-use toolkit to allow local authorities and bus operators to make informed decisions on investing in carbon cutting buses.

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Government pledges £16.5m in new R&D funding to boost low carbon transport innovation

The Business Secretary Vince Cable has announced a £16.5 boost for road transport CO2 reduction reserach and development. Grants will be awarded to UK businesses through a new, open competition for collaborative research and development funding, which will be managed by the Technology Strategy Board, in partnership with the Office for Low Emission Vehicles (OLEV) and the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC).

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Reports & Studies

Heseltine Review says Government should be more active and focused in industrial policy

In a report commissioned by the Government, the former Conservative Party Deputy Prime Minister Michael Heseltine calls on the Government to take stronger action to stimulate the economy and boost British industry. Lord Heseltine's report, 'No Stone Unturned', makes 89 recommendations designed to help industry. One of its key aims is to move £49bn from central government to the English regions to help local leaders and businesses.

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ICCT publishes further technology benefit and cost curve data to inform EU Cars and CO2 debate

The International Council on Clean Transportation (ICCT) has published a summary of the methodology used to develop technology benefit and cost curves applicable for EU light-duty vehicles in 2020–2025.The ICCT says that meeting the planned 95 g/km target for passenger vehicles by 2020 will require additional investments of approximately €1000 per vehicle, and about €500 per vehicle to meet the 147 g/km target for light-commercial vehicles by 2020. It says the methodology is also applicable to other regions of the World.

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Technology News

GM, ABB demonstrate residential power back-up using EV batteries

General Motors and component manufactuer ABB have announced that they've successfully demonstrated an energy storage system built from five used Chevrolet Volt batteries, which would be capable of providing two hours of backup power for three to five average homes.

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Industry News

Jaguar Land Rover to invest £10bn over seven years; plans to double output

Jaguar Land Rover is reported to have plans to invest £10bn over the next seven years, driving production at its plants to double its current output. There are plans to manufacture up to 16 new car models at the company’s North West and Midlands plants. If confirmed, this could be the biggest investment the UK car industry has seen.

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Sales of AFVs rising strongly in 2012 as car makers announce more electric/hybrid production plans

According to the latest data published by the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders, sales of alternatively fuelled vehicles (AFVs) rose by 13% to October 2012. In the US, meanwhile, sales of AFVs are reported to have risen by 76% in the same period compared with 2011. Sales of models like GM's Volt and Nissan's Leaf have also shown strong sales growth recently and leading manufacturers have announced plans to boost production of electric and hybrid models.

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LowCVP News

Lord Deben confirmed as keynote speaker at LowCVP Low Carbon Champions Awards

John Gummer, Lord Deben, the recently appointed Chair of the Committee on Climate Change, is confirmed as the keynote speaker at the opening of the LowCVP Low Carbon Champions Awards which will be held in central London on the evening of January 29, 2013. The Awards will follow the LowCVP's Tenth Anniversary Reception.

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LowCVP Low Carbon Champions Awards to be presented at London ceremony, 29 January 2013

The LowCVP Low Carbon Champions Awards celebrate achievements in delivering innovation, new products, programmes and other initiatives which have helped to accelerate the shift to low carbon road transport. The LowCVP's third Champions Awards will be presented at a gala event to take place at One Birdcage Walk on January 29 2013 following a keynote address from Lord Deben (John Gummer), Chair of the Committee on Climate Change. Former 'Tomorrow's World' presenter Kate Bellingham will be the Awards MC.

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LowCVP 10th Anniversary Reception
29th Jan 2013

The LowCVP is to hold an event to celebrate the Partnership's first ten years on Tuesday 29 January 2013 at One Birdcage Walk. The Anniversary Reception, to be attended by transport minister Norman Baker, provides an opportunity to celebrate the successes of the LowCVP's first ten years and to introduce a strategy for the future. The Anniversary Reception will be a LowCVP members-priority event. It will precede the announcement of the 2012 LowCVP Low Carbon Champions Awards winners (7.30-c8.45pm) in the theatre at the same venue.

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International Developments

Singapore to introduce feebates scheme to encourage low carbon vehicle uptake

Singapore has announced plans to introduce taxes of between $5,000 and $20,000 on buyers of high carbon emission cars from July 1, 2013. Under the country's Carbon Emission-based Vehicle (CEV) scheme, buyers of low carbon cars will also be entitled to rebates between $5,000 and $20,000 starting from January 1.

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Climate Change News

Records show latest decade was the warmest ever as climate change impacts become increasingly evident

Greenhouse gases in the atmosphere hit a new record high in 2011 according to the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) with carbon dioxide levels reaching 391 parts per million in 2011. Meanwhile, 2012 is likely to be the ninth warmest year in terms of average global temperatures ever recorded and the period 2000-10 is now confirmed as the warmest decade with average world temperatures 1.3 degrees Celsius above the pre-industrial average.

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Sustainable Urban Mobility - Responding to the Challenge
10th Dec 2012

How will technology shape mobility in the cities of the future? Find out about some exciting new ideas presented at this half-day seminar which included presentations from leading speakers on innovative options for improving transport and mobility in urban areas. Held in association with the Institution of Mechanical Engineers (IMechE), the event included presentations from the winners of the LowCVP's Urban Mobility Technology Challenge 2012. Copies of the presentations can be downloaded..

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LowCVP Low Carbon Champions Awards presentations
29th Jan 2013

The LowCVP Low Carbon Champions Awards 2012 will be presented at a gala event on Tuesday 29 January 2013 at One Birdcage Walk, Central London. The Awards celebrate examples of outstanding and innovative practice in accelerating the shift to lower carbon vehicles and fuels and reducing road transport emissions. The Awards presentation will take place following a celebration event to mark the LowCVP’s tenth anniversary.

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Electric vehicle advice events for fleets in Scotland (Various locations 20 Nov to 6 Dec)
6th Dec 2012

Whether you’re a large business with a whole fleet of vehicles or a small business with just one or two company cars, it's worth finding out more about electric vehicles. The Energy Saving Trust is holding free events at five locations across Scotland to offer practical advice to fleet operators.

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LowCVP - other future activities

Innovation Working Group, 10 December. On the agenda: University support for SMEs; Barriers to SME innovation; Low Carbon Automotive Directory.
Members Council, 12 December. On the agenda: E10 communications; HGV Task Force; Consumer labelling progress; Greener buses
Bus WG, 15 January 2013. On the agenda: BSOG review; Bus Working Group ongoing strategy
LowCVP Board, 29 January 2013
Passenger Car WG, 7 February 2013
Fuels WG, 14 February 2013

If you are already a member, login to the LowCVP members' section. To join the Partnership and help steer the policy and build the markets, click here.

News in Brief

Re-elected Obama hints at new push on climate change (France 24 news link)
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UK automotive sector gets boost with international order for 1000 Alexander Dennis Ltd hybrid electric and Envirobuses worth £220m (Commercial Motor news link) 
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Congestion Charge discount may be extended to vans (VansAtoZ news link)
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British business could save £500m pa by upgrading tyres according to EST report (EDIE news link)
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Barcelona to be first city to get Nissan NV200 Taxi (VansAtoZ link and videos)
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Wood to biofuel plant opens in US (Checkbiotech news link)
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Tim Abbot of BMW is named as next President of SMMT (SMMT news link)
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Efficient end-use technologies provide lowest cost carbon cuts and provide higher social returns but lack funding support - Tyndall Centre report (Ecoseed news link)
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Toyota working on sodium ion battery technology to increase EV range – aims to commercialise by 2020 (Hybrid-Ev.com news link)
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£2m fund to develop low carbon transport in North-East England launched (Collaborative Fund web link)
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DfT opens new consultation on road user charging - deadline 28 January 2013 - (DfT on-line questionnaire link)
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Google says it has successfully tested 'breakthrough biofuel' based on algae (Checkbiotech news link)
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BOC and Stobart to expand use of low carbon HGVs (EDIE news link)
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European Automobile Manufacturers Association (ACEA) publishes position on biofuels (ACEA press release, 14 Nov, link)
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Windreich AG electric vehicle wins RAC 2012 Future Car Challenge (Full results link - RAC website)
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