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Low Emission Taxi

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Taxis (black taxis and private hire vehicles) can be an important source of road transport air pollution and CO2 emissions in cities. With the increasing pressure of improving local air quality and the establishment of Clean Air Zones, and the London Ultra Low Emission Zone, taxi operators will need to evaluate the suitability of their current vehicle(s) with regards to achieving mandatory vehicle emission standards. There are a range of fuel and technology options a taxi operator can choose in terms of shifting to a cleaner fleet, taking into account reducing NOx and PM emissions in conjunction with GHG emissions.

LowCVP have previously produced a Low Emission Bus Guide (2016) and a Low Emission Van Guide (2015) to help operators understand the suitability of different low emission technologies and fuels for their particular fleet operations. We have undertaken research over the last three years which has identified the important role that independent, informative and assessable information has in influencing the take up of low emission vehicles.