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Why choose a Low Emission Van?

The right low emission van for you is the one that saves you money, reduces your environmental impact and does not restrict your operations.

Better for Business

Reducing CO2 (carbon dioxide) emissions from vehicles makes good business sense as low emission normally means you are also spending less money on fuel. Clean and green vans help to demonstrate an environmental commitment and enhance your organisation’s image. The environmental credentials of suppliers (you!) are becoming more important to your customers. In fact, there is an EU Directive called the Clean Vehicles Directive that mandates public sector organisations to take the environmental impacts of their vehicles into account during procurement decisions.

Transport for London and many local authorities have introduced performance standards for low emission vans as part of their tendering process for contractors. By operating a low emission van you could be a step ahead of other companies bidding for work.

Better for Air Quality and Health

Exhaust emissions from vehicles contribute to air quality issues in cities. Poor air quality is extremely harmful to health; it is estimated to cause over 29,000 premature deaths a year in the UK. Many UK cities are putting in place measures to reduce air pollution from road transport which includes vans. London has introduced the Low Emission Zone and will be introducing an Ultra-Low Emission Zone by 2020 (same area as the congestion charge zone). This aims to reduce emissions from vehicles and increase the use of cleaner vehicles.

By September 2020, diesel vans operating in the London Ultra-Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) must comply with the Euro 6 emission standards. Compliance is achieved through imposing restrictions and different charges on the types of vehicles that are allowed in the Low Emission Zone. Other major cities across the UK are introducing measures to encourage the use of cleaner vehicles to help improve air quality.

Better for the Environment

Vans are a growing source of road transport CO2 emissions in the UK; between 2004 and 2006, CO2 emissions from light goods vehicles increased by 22%. The UK Government is committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and has introduced regulations and incentives to encourage low emission vehicle use by businesses and individuals. These are expected to continue into the future.