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Fleet Operator Information

Which fleets are using electric?

British Gas, Birmingham, City Council, Gnewt Cargo, Loughborough University and many more.

Case Study

Fruit 4 London is a small company with a big environmental ethos, dedicated to delivering fresh fruit to over 200 London offices every day. Following a successful vehicle trial in 2012, Fruit 4 London operate five electric Renault Kangoo Z.E. delivery vans. The vans typically travel 40 to 70 miles and make up to 60 delivery stops.

Initially attracted by the environmental benefits of zero emission vehicles, they found it was easy to make the business case work too, as director Laszlo Mulato explains, “Operating in the congestion zone saves us nearly £15,000 per year over the five vehicles; we are also seeing around 75% fuel savings compared to our two diesel delivery vans”. Having operated EVs for 3 years now, Laszlo has also noticed the extra business the vehicles are directly responsible for as their customers seek a more sustainable option.

Fruit 4 London purchases all its electric vans on a battery leasing model, preferring the financial security and comfort of knowing that the batteries performance and lifetime are guaranteed for as long as they own the vehicles.