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BEV Market

Battery electric van models are available from a growing number of mainstream Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), such as the Nissan, Renault and more. Click on a picture of a van to take you to the OEM’s website to find out more details on performance and costs.

An * indicates the van is eligible for the Plug-in Van Grant.

  • BD Otomotiv eTraffic *

    OEM: Renault (BD Otomotiv conversion).
    Model: eTraffic (Renault)
    Range: 100 miles

  • BD Otomotiv Ducato *

    OEM: Fiat (BD Otomotiv conversion)
    Model: Ducato (Fiat)
    Range: 125 miles

  • Mercedes–Benz Vito E-Cell *

    OEM: Mercedes-Benz
    Model: Vito E-Cell
    80 miles

  • FAAM Ecomile *

    OEM: Ecomile
    Model: Vito E-Cell
    Range: 50 miles

  • FAAM Jolly 2000 *

    Model: Jolly 2000
    Range: 75 miles

  • Nissan e-NV200 *

    OEM: Nissan
    Model: e-NV200
    Range: 106 miles

  • Peugeot ePartner *

    OEM: Peugeot (Allied Electric conversion)
    Model: ePartner (Peugeot)
    Range: 60 miles

  • Renault Kangoo Z.E. *

    OEM: Renault
    Model: Kangoo Z.E.
    Range: 106 miles

  • Renault Kangoo MAXI Z.E. *

    OEM: Renault
    Model: Kangoo MAXI Z.E.
    Range: 106 miles

  • Renault Kangoo MAXI Crew Z.E. *

    OEM: Renault
    Model: Kangoo MAXI Crew Z.E.
    Range: 106 miles

  • Smith Electric Edison *

    OEM: Ford (Smith Electric conversion) 
    Model: Edison (Transit)
    Range: 55-100 miles (depending on load)

Though eligible for the plug-in van grant, the following vehicles are no longer available in the UK:

  • Mia U