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Factors to consider

When purchasing an electric van, it is important to understand the charging capabilities of the van as this will affect the time it will take to charge the battery. It is also important to understand the different types of charge points and the connector between the charge point and the van. 

Charging an electric van requires a connector between the charge point and the van. Each charger type will have one or two different plug sockets, and may have a permanently attached connector that cannot be changed. This is typical for charge points installed at home or for high current rapid chargers, where safety is an issue. To charge your vehicle’s battery, the connector must match with the charger outlet and the vehicle inlet. The choice of connector depends on whether the charge point supplies AC or DC current, the charging speed and the safety protocol design.

Each van will have slightly different charging capabilities based on when the model first came to market. Most vans eligible for the plug-in van grant will have both standard and fast charge capabilities. Some, like the e-NV200 have a rapid charge option available, enabling much quicker recharge times.

When installing multiple charge points the capacity of the grid connection needs to be considered, as an upgrade may be needed (which the electricity supplier can assess).

Regional Charging Schemes


Geographic location

Link to other networks

Charging points

Registration fee

Ongoing costs


Source London

within the M25

Ecotricity and Source East

Over 1,300



New cost structure expected January 2015

Source East

Essex, Suffolk, Norfolk, Cambridge, Beds, Hearts

Ecotricity and Source London

Over 650



Pay as you go from 2015

Source West

Bristol and surrounding counties

Charge your car and Ecotricity 

Over 40

£20 through ‘Charge your car

Some free, some pay as you go.



Greater Manchester

Charge your car and Ecotricity 

Over 90

£20 through ‘Charge your car

Some free, some pay as you go.


Plugged in Midlands

Across the Midlands


Over 150



Pay as you go from 2015

E car

Northern Ireland


Over 100



Pay as you go from 2015

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