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Fleet Operator Information

Which fleets are using Plug-in Hybrids?

Environment Agency, Witney Neighbourhood Policing Team, Hendra Holiday Park.

Case Study

The Environment Agency operates over 1,400 commercial vehciles. The Agency’s current CO2 reduction initiatives include the use of biodielse in nearly 300 vehicles and the use of retrofit hyrbid assist sytems in rear-wheel transits.

The realease of the Mitsubishi PHEV Outlander provides a great opportunity for them to expand their use of low carbon vehicles, as Dlae Eynon, Head of Fleet services explains, “We already use Mitsubishi diesel Outlanders within the fleet - the PHEV is available at the same cost, and even with a low level of charging we expect to breatk even, the main focus is to maximise outr EV use to ensure we are maximising our CO2 savings”.

The 68 PHEV Outlanders (deployed March2015) leave the depots fully charged and on average will travel around 60 miles a day. The Environment Agency are currently looking to install additional charge points at key work locations and educate staff as to the locations of public infrastructure which could be used during breaks.