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CNG Market

CNG vehicles are popular all over the world, however model availability is limited in the UK due to lack of refuelling stations. CNG versions of the Iveco Daily and Mercedes Sprinter are available. Until July 2014, VW supplied the UK with a CNG Caddy, these are now available on the second hand market or a new left-hand drive model could be imported from Ireland.

Biomethane supply in the UK is limited. Blends of around 15% biomethane and 85% CNG are common. Green Gas Certificates are also available, these allow a mechanism for fleets to purchase the green credentials of biomethane (injected into the national gas grid elsewhere) when drawing gas from their local grid connection point.

As with most vans, CNG vans have options and add-ons, including different size fuel tanks. They are termed mono-fuel vans even though the most environmentally friendly versions still use petrol. The petrol is used to help start the engine and act as a reserve. To maximise the environmental and cost saving benefits, the van should be run on CNG as much as possible.

CNG vans are not eligible for the Plug-In Van Grant.

  • Mercedes-Benz Sprinter-NGT

    OEM: Mercedes-Benz
    Model: Sprinter-NGT
    Range: 280 miles

  • Volkswagen Caddy

    OEM: Volkswagen
    Model: Caddy 
    Range: 270 miles

  • Iveco Daily

    OEM: Iveco
    Model: Daily 
    Range: up to 310 miles