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Which fleets are using biodiesel?

Environment Agency, McDonald's, Commercial Group, London Borough of Hackney and more.

Case Study

ATX Ltd is a logistics company operating 10 vans. Due to the negative impact of escalating fuel costs on their business, ATX decided to invest in a biodiesel manufacturing plant and secure waste cooking oil supply contracts. Mitch Sills, ATX Fuels Distribution Manager, explains how their business has changed in recent year:

"Since 2004, when we first started out manufacturing our own fuel, we have gradually improved the quality of biodiesel, which now exceeds the EN14214 standard. Using the correct winterizing agents we are also capable of running 100% biodiesel all year round. Being lower cost than forecourt diesel, the demand for our product is growing at such a rate our business is migrating from a logistics company to a biodiesel supplier."

The filling pump at ATX allows real time blending of biodiesel and diesel to suit the customer's vehicle and requirements. ATX run seven Ford Transit vans on blends of up to B100, although this does void the manufacturer's warranty, they report no reliability problems. They replace vans every 18 months, with each covering around 60,000 miles per annum. This equates to an annual fuel cost savings over £1,400 and a tailpipe emission savings of 21 tonnes of CO2 per van.