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The Low Emission Bus Guide

The Low Emission Bus Guide aims to provide local authorities and small bus operators with the necessary information to choose the most suitable low emission bus (LEB) technology  from the range available in the UK today. The guide includes the policy and accreditation background to LEBs, technical details on how technologies save carbon, the typical decision tree for assessing the potential for supporting infrastructure and the range of LEB models available on the market currently.

Click on the image below to download a copy of the Low Emission Bus Guide.

Launched 1st November 2016 at the Euro Bus Expo at the NEC, Birmingham.

Any Journey is Greener By Bus 

new report by the LowCVP, commissioned by Greener Journeys, gives a passenger perspective on modern bus services. With a series of case studies, it highlights how bus services in some towns and cities in the UK have managed to 'buck the national trend' and achieved growth in bus patronage. 

Click on the image below to download a copy of Any Journey is Greener by Bus.

Launched 9 February 2017 at the UK Bus Summit, Westminster, London

A Green Bus for Every Journey

The second installment of our Greener Journey's series, A Green Bus for Every Journey presents 20 case studies that demonstrate the versatility of six low emission bus technologies in use throughout the UK.

Click on the image below to download a copy of A Green Bus for Every Journey.

Launched at the UK eBus Summit on 10th November 2016 in Holborn, London.

The Journey of the Green Bus

Commissioned by Greener Journeys, the LowCVP report describes The Journey of the Green Bus; how innovation and supportive policy over the last decade and more has transformed the bus sector from being a part of the problem to being an important part of the solution to the problem of poor urban air quality as well as contributing to tackling climate change.

Click on the image below to download a copy of The Journey of the Green Bus.

Launched at the UK Bus Summit 2016

Barriers and Opportunities to expand the Low Carbon Emission Bus market in the UK

The overall aim of this study was to identify barriers and driver to expanding the low carbon emission bus (LCEB) market, and propose support mechanisms to stimulate further growth of the UK LCEB. As part of the study an assessment was made of the potential market uptake of a range of low carbon technologies, including the resulting emission savings, plus case studies of low carbon emission bus operations in the UK.   The study was supported by industry experts from the LowCVP Bus Working Group.
The study was structured around the following set of tasks:
·      Task 1: Barriers and drivers - A consultation was undertaken on levels of interest in low carbon bus technology options and barriers / drivers to market growth. This was done through qualitative interviews with key stakeholder groups (bus operators, bus manufacturers, leasing companies and local transport authorities).
·      Task 2: Incentives – A review of fiscal & non-fiscal support mechanisms and an analysis of the key financial support mechanism on payback rates for a range of LCEB.

·      Task 3a: Take-up rates - Costs, benefits and likely take up of selected low carbon technologies were examined through a survey of bus operators, and estimate likely market share for LCEB if their cost/price ratio delivered on specified payback rates.
·      Task 3b: Case studies – Three case studies of LCEB in operation were compiled, including financial and non financial considerations.


Executive summary

Task 1: Identification of barriers to uptake of low carbon buses


Task 2: Review and role of incentive mechanisms


Task 3: Costs benefits and likely take-up of selected low carbon technologies 

Local Transport Authortiy Toolkit for Low Carbon Buses

The Local Transport Authority Toolkit for Low Carbon Buses has been produced by the Low Carbon Vehicle Partnership, with support from Transport & Travel Research Ltd and Strata Consultants. The guidance note is based on a series of detailed interviews with Local Transport Authorities (LTA)and Bus Operating companies.

The aim of the LTA Toolkit is to encourage and increase local government interest in developing low carbon bus strategies that support their own carbon and air quality goals. It explains how the latest bus regulations and powers affect green transport options and highlights the key opportunities where LTAs can play a vital role in encouraging low carbon bus usage in the UK.

Guidence notes for using online financial calculator


Online Financial Calculator

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