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  • LowCVP Conference - resources available!

    LowCVP Conference - resources available!

  • E10 Report

    E10 Report

    Link to download LowCVP's E10 Report

  • EVET_publication_banner


    EV Energy Taskforce - Report Published 14th Jan 2020

  • WLTP_home


    Homepage banner linking to the WLTP Fuel Economy Pages

  • Van Guide Banner

    Van Guide Banner

    Home page banner linking to the van hub

  • LCV_promo_1


    Part of the rolling slideshow put together for LCV2018.

What is the LowCVP?

The LowCVP, established in 2003, is a public-private partnership that exists to accelerate a sustainable shift to lower carbon, cleaner vehicles and fuels and create opportunities for UK businesses. Over 200 organisations are engaged, representing diverse viewpoints.

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  • Transport and Environmental Policy Research

    Transport and Environmental Policy Research (TEPR) is an independent research consultancy that wa...

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    Using GPS technology and algorithmic analysis CleanPEA delivers cost benefit analysis to identify...


    CMB.Tech, is a R&D company wholly owned by CMB.NV to progress the development of low carbon fuels...

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