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Joint Working Group Projects

The LowCVP sometimes runs Joint Working Group projects where the project content crosses over Working Group areas or where the content does not fit comfortably within one of the other Groups. These projects are overseen by the Members Council.

The Members Council takes responsibility for cross-cutting projects such as the recent life-cycle CO2 analysis of low carbon cars and also reviews Working Group reports prior to Board sign-off. It reviews Partnership position statements, ensuring a balanced approach to all LowCVP work.

Members interested in joining the Members Council should engage with their Working Group leads and can nominate themselves at the annual elections.  

Chair: Professor David Greenwood, Professor, Advanced Propulsion Systems, Warwick Manufacturing Group

LowCVP Lead: Andy Eastlake, Managing Director

Current projects

  • HGV activities
  • Work programme management and monitoring
  • Communications programme 
  • LCA

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Events & Meetings

On the agenda

  • 2017-18 work programme 
  • Life-cycle analysis across vehicle sectors
  • CO2 real-world data analysis

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The LowCVP provides an effective way of engaging with a broad range of stakeholders and policy makers
Sophie Ogunbiyi, Toyota Motor Europe