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Transport Energy Infrastructure Roadmap

Project Brief:

The project considered what the infrastructure implications will be of deploying vehicles and fuels capable of delivering sustainable transport by 2050. As opposed to the automotive technology roadmaps, the project focuses on technology and investment issues relating to deliverying energy to the vehicle and not on-board the vehicle. The project convers the liquid fuels, gaseous and electric energy sectors.


The Automotive Council has clearly set out the technology roadmaps for light and heavy vehicles, which identify the technologies required to be developed and to comply with the objective of effectively zero carbon vehicles by 2050. The LowCVP has now created a fuels roadmap to identify which fuels will be needed to comply with the Renewable Energy Directive and the fuels which must be introduced to 2050 to be consistent with the automotive technology roadmaps.

The automotive technology and fuels roadmaps have potentially significant implications for infrastructure to support both vehicles and fuels in achieving significant carbon emission reductions over the coming decades.


  1. To identify the infrastructure requirements and technology breakthroughs required.
  2. To make recommendations on how best to ensure infrastructure roll-out is achieved and highlight areas for funding bodies to support technology R&D.
  3. To engage with R&D organisations to direct R&D support.
  4. To input to OLEV's plans to support the development of electric, methane and hydrogen refuelling infrastructure.


  • Completed. Reports published 22 June 2015



  • Element Energy Ltd


  • Celine Cluzel
  • Alastair Hope-Morley

Project Steering Group:

  • LowCVP Lead: Jonathan Murray, Policy and Operations Director
  • Alex Goodwin, BEAMA
  • Hugh Tucker, UKPIA
  • Kate Courtney-Taylor BOC
  • Paul Blacklock, Calor Gas
  • Paul Oxford, Autogas
  • Clare Wenner, REA
  • Mark Constable, EDF Energy
  • Mark Lowe, BOC
  • Rosalind Marshall, OLEV
  • Zak Tuck, Transport Scotland
  • Simon Roberts, Transport for London
  • Richard Cook, National Grid
  • Jamie McWilliam, ENA

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