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E10 Public Information Campaign Preparation

Project Brief

The Transport Energy Task Force recommended that if the UK wished to meet the RED transport sub target by 2020 then the deployment of E10 petrol would be a low risk and important measure to take to meet the target. The LowCVP’s E10 Group recommended how to successfully deploy E10 petrol. If a decision is made to deploy E10 petrol in the UK there will be significant public communication demands to support the deployment and empower consumers with Government playing a leadership role to co-ordinate the role out of E10.


  1. To coordinate preparations for a public information campaign through the LowCVP’S E10 Group working, with range of stakeholders and DfT.
  2. To prepare a public information campaign brief and supporting materials to support the successful introduction of E10 petrol.
  3. To develop and agree key messages for a public information campaign.
  4. To develop and agree materials to support a public information campaign.
  5. To undertake a vehicle testing programme to establish a robust evidence base on the impact on fuel consumption and air quality of switching from 95 E5 to 95 E10, which is credible to UK motorists.


Report and presentation for the proposed public information campaign. Public information campaign brief for use in commissioning PR agency. Online portal for core information resources including:

  1. Media messages
  2. Consumer messages
  3. Vehicle and equipment compatibility
  4. Technical guidance

Report and presentation for the E10 vehicle emission testing results

Dissemination and communications:

Presentation to DfT, FWG, E10 Interest Group and key stakeholder groups if required. Published report and online portal and sign posting to third party materials.

Delivery Timetable:

September 2017 – December 2017

Project Management:

Jonathan Murray

Project Partners:

UKPIA, REA, SMMT, AA, DFA, PRA, Tank Storage Association

A member view...

The acceptance of so many significant changes in technology have mainly been driven and brought about by the dedication of the LowCVP.
Alan Martin, Scania GB

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