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  • Electric cars close to achieving cost parity with conventional vehicles - report


    A study by analysts from the investment bank UBS finds that electric cars will be cheaper to produce than conventional cars by 2023 in China and by 2025 in the  United States. They found that the total cost of ownership of an electric car could be cheaper as soon as next year.

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  • Certification of CO2 emissions from trucks comes into force with endorsement of VECTO tool


    The VECTO tool, endorsed by EU member states and the European Commission this month, means that commercial vehicle makers will be required to certify the CO2 emissions of all the new trucks they sell in Europe. The tool is designed to make figures for fuel consumption and CO2 emissions from new heavy-goods vehicles available for truck buyers.

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  • China takes world leadership on EV sales, battery production


    New rules to be set in China, the world's largest car market, would require as much as 8% of manufacturers' sales to be electric vehicles as soon as 2018. Car makers who fail to meet the target may be forced to buy expensive 'credits' from competitors who exceed their sales requirement.

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  • National Clean Air Day - June 15 - calls for support


    The UK's first National Clean Air Day will take place on 15 June and the organisers are urging individuals, groups, organisations and other stakeholders to get involved in a wide range of activities to help raise awareness of the facts about improving air quality.

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  • Citymapper launches trials of demand-responsive bus


    Citymapper, innovators of the journey planner app, has announced that it is launching a demand-responsive bus service in London, with the support of Transport for London.

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  • Government publishes air quality plan for consultation


    The Government has published its revised plan to cut levels of nitrogen dioxide in areas of poor air quality throughout the UK. The Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs (Defra) and the Department for Transport have published a consultation document, draft AQ plan and  associated technical document which set out proposed actions "to meet air quality standards within the shortest possible time".

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  • Sunderland plant to produce new and recycled batteries for home energy storage


    Nissan has announced a collaboration with US power firm Eaton to begin production of energy storage systems for households. The venture pits Nissan and Eaton in competion with Tesla, which sells its 'Powerwall' produced at its large 'Gigafactory' in Nevada.

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  • European consumer organisation recommends reform of car labelling rules


    New research from the European consumer association BEUC shows that driving more fuel and energy efficient cars should cut the cost of motoring between 2020 and 2030. It says that electric vehicles will substantially drop in price and be highly competitive, if not cheaper, to run than conventional cars by the mid-2020s and that consumers driving a new fuel efficient petrol or diesel car in 2025 could save almost €10,000 over the car’s lifetime (compared to a 2015 vehicle).

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  • London ranked second of 35 leading cities in push to decarbonise transport


    London has been ranked in second-place in a new analysis comparing leading world cities' attempts to decarbonise the transport sector. The new report by the Centre for Economics and Business Research (CEBR) suggests that London is a "likely candidate" to become the first zero-emissions city in the world.

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  • TfL announces £18m spending on rapid EV charging network


    Transport for London has appointed suppliers who will install 300 rapid charge points in the city by 2020. New taxis licensed after January 1, 2018 will have to be zero-emission capable and there will be a dedicated charging network to support them.

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