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  • UITP launch Zero Emission Urban Bus System project


    A strong commitment for cleaner urban transport was demonstrated with the launch of the Zero Emission Urban Bus System (ZeEUS) project, one of the largest electromobility projects funded by the European Commission under the 7th Framework Programme. 

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  • FirstGroup to cut fuel costs with hybrid bus order


    FirstGroup announced it is to spend £70m on 425 buses, including new hybrid and electric buses that are designed to deliver deep cuts in carbon emissions and fuel costs.

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  • São Paulo to introduce its first fleet of fully electric buses


    São Paulo is preparing to roll out its first fleet of fully electric buses in an effort to reduce the city’s greenhouse gas emissions and improve the quality of the transport system. The city has already begun phasing out fossil fuel-powered buses as part of its goal to have the entire municipal bus fleet run on renewable fuels by 2018.

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  • Wireless electric buses arrive in Milton Keynes


    Baroness Susan Kramer, the Minister of State for Transport, launched an all-electric bus route in Milton Keynes that will test whether electric buses can perform on a par with their diesel counterparts in a real world operational environment. 

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  • Electric buses hit the streets in London


    Two electric buses have hit the streets of London as part of a trial to see if the technology is suitable for shorter routes around the capital.

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  • Scotland’s first electric bus service launched


    Keith Brown, Minister for Transport and Veterans, launched the first free-running, fully-electric bus to be used for a local bus service in Scotland.

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  • 1.2million EU funding to introduce 100 hydrogen buses to Scotland for study


    Scotland may soon receive a new fleet of buses that run on hydrogen fuel, thanks to funding being offered by the European Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Joint Undertaking. Hyundai has been showing off its hydrogen-powered SUV in Aberdeen as part of an initiative to expose political officials and consumers to the benefits that such a vehicle represents. 

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  • Mitsubishi to test electric bus system in Brazil


    Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Ltd. and Mitsubishi Corp. will test a battery-powered electric-traction bus and a pantograph-based quick charging system for public transport in Sao Paulo.

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  • Fuel economy saving for Volvo plug-in hybrid bus


    The results of the field tests being conducted in Gothenburg show that Volvo Buses' plug-in hybrid more than meets expectations.

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  • First Hybrid Buses in Costa Rica


    Fuel-efficiency and clean emissions will soon be part of the public transportation system of the Guanacaste province. As part of a greater effort to turn Costa Rica into a carbon neutral nation, the Reyna del Campo transportation firm of Guanacaste recently announced that it had obtained a line of credit from the Bank of Costa Rica (BCR) to finance the acquisition of new bus fleet running on hybrid electric/fuel buses.

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