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LowCVP News - 29 May 2009 Issue 57

Obama sets US' first ever national standards for exhaust emissions

The US President Barack Obama has announced new standards for car and light truck emissions which mean that manufacturers will have to improve the fuel efficiency of the vehicles they make by around a third by 2016. The US is the biggest car market in the world with more than 250 million cars and light trucks on the road.

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Policy Developments

London Mayor launches electric vehicle delivery plan and announces overall transport strategy intentions

Boris Johnson, London's Mayor, has launched an “Electric Vehicle Delivery Plan” for the city. He has further published the Mayor’s Transport Strategy “Statement of Intent”, which is an initial scoping paper outlining new London transport policy on the environment, safety and initiatives for the 2012 Olympics.

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DfT announces £29m for Sustainable Travel City

Large conurbations across England are being given the opportunity to bid to become the country's first Sustainable Travel City. Over the next three years, the Department for Transport will invest in at least one of England’s largest cities to encourage greener travel choices.

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TfL to trial Intelligent Speed Adaptation technology

Transport for London has announced a six-month trial of Intelligent Speed Adaptation (ISA) technology which, it is hoped, may improve road safety, reduce speeding and cut vehicle emissions.

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BERR's NAIGT sets out its 20 year vision for the automotive industry

The New Automotive Innovation and Growth Team (NAIGT) has published its report into the future direction of UK automotive sector. Among the key recommendations to Government and industry is the proposal to establish a joint industry and government Automotive Council to "develop, guide and implement a long term strategic framework for the industry".

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New EU Directive requires public authorities to prioritise emissions in vehicle purchase decisions

Public authorities in Europe will be required to consider the environmental impacts of the vehicles they buy when a new EU directive comes into force in mid-June.

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Reports & Studies

Largest trucks increase CO2 emissions -  German study

A study by the Fraunhofer Institute for Systems and Innovation Research, in collaboration with other partners, has found that  the use of so-called mega trucks or 'gigaliners' is 'most likely' to lead to an increase in greenhouse gas emissions.

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Improving energy efficiency may have limited impact due to 'rebound effect' say researchers

Researchers from the Cambridge Centre for Climate Change Mitigation Research say that climate policy makers should look beyond simple energy solutions and consider indirect and economy-wide effects when forming legislation. They say that efficiency improvements can be largely offset by higher energy demand as 'energy services' become cheaper. This behaviour change, known as the 'rebound effect', could cut future carbon and energy savings by half.

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Industry News

Government says scrappage scheme gives early boost to car sales

Government figures show that more than 35,000 new cars have been ordered through the UK's scrappage scheme since its launch in April and introduction in mid-May. The scrappage scheme gives buyers of new cars a £2,000 discount, jointly funded by the Government and industry, to motorists who trade in a vehicle over ten years old.

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LowCVP News

LowCVP Conference, June 8 - a few delegate places left

There are a limited number of places left for delegates at the LowCVP conference which will take place on June 8 at City Hall, London. Keynote speakers at the event are the Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, and the Transport Secretary, Geoff Hoon. There will also be a live video-link with the mayoralty of San Francisco as well a high level cast of speakers and contributors. 

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'Open space' invitation to LowCVP members

LowCVP members are reminded that they are invited to submit ideas for short articles to appear in the LowCVP's monthly newsletter and appear on an 'open space' section on the website. Articles should be original, not overtly commercial and of interest to the over 2,000 stakeholders who now receive the newsletter.

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Richard Parry-Jones speaks at LowCVP 'Celebration Reception'

Richard Parry-Jones, Chair of the New Automotive Innovation and Growth Team (NAIGT) spoke at the LowCVP's Reception on May 19th to celebrate the Partnership's incorporation and the appointment of Professor Neville Jackson of Ricardo as the new Chair.

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Vehicle and outside exhibition opportunities at LowCVP Conference, June 8, City Hall, London

There are some opportunities for the static display of vehicles and other technology outside City Hall on June 8 when the LowCVP conference takes place in association with the Revolve Eco-Rally and the What Car? Green Awards.

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Job opportunity in the LowCVP Secretariat

The Low Carbon Vehicle Partnership is seeking a temporary (2-3 month) Membership Coordinator to help establish a customer relationship management system (CRM). Part-time work beyond the initial period may also be possible to maintain the systems. The LowCVP is based in Central London.

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International Developments

ACEA report on European car industry says new CO2 limits would be unwelcome

ACEA, the European association which includes 15 of Europe's leading car makers, has issued a new report on the state of the European industry which is critical of the introduction of limits on carbon dioxide in the 'present economic climate'.

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EIB approves an additional EUR 750m to support cleaner transport

The European Investment Bank (EIB) has approved loans to European-based motor companies worth a total of EUR 750m to "help design and build cleaner vehicles with lower emissions".

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Other News

Real cost of motoring fell since 1997 while public transport costs rose

Motoring costs have fallen by 13 per cent in real terms while bus and train fares have risen above the rate of inflation according to official figures, seen by the Independent newspaper.

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The Greener Company Car in Action
16th Jun 2009

Previously known as Company Car in Action this year the event is now called 'The Greener Company Car in Action' and will focus on helping the fleet industry drive down costs and emissions. Visitors will still be able to drive the full model range of manufacturers which are attending the show, with an emphasis on lower emission vehicles in each segment, particularly models producing 160g/km or less.

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Transport Technology and Climate Change: Building a Greener Scotland
29th Jun 2009

The Scottish Government has set ambitious targets for a greener Scotland in which transport has a critical role to play. This conference will examine the implications of climate change for transport, including emerging low carbon technologies, procurement of greener vehicles, and behavioural change.

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Unlocking the Grid: Developing Electric Vehicle Infrastructure
24th Jun 2009

Despite the increasing capability of electric vehicles, their widespread global use has been restricted due to range limitations. The lack of a comprehensive recharging infrastructure has been a pivotal challenge to the acceptance of electric vehicles to the mass market. Special guest speakers for this event will include: - Professor Neville Jackson, Chairman - Low Carbon Vehicle Partnership - Josh Steinmann, Vice President of Global Business Development - Better Place.

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