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LowCVP News - 28 August 2009 Issue 60

Germany aims for a million electric vehicles by 2020 while car makers announce production plans

The German Government has announced the intention to have one million electric cars running on German roads by 2020. Germany says it will spend €500 million on the development of battery technology and to build a network of charging infrastructure. In the last month, Nissan of Japan said it plans to build 200,000 electric cars annually from 2012 while its partner, the French car maker Renault also announced its intention to produce 'tens of thousands' of electric cars from 2011.

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Policy Developments

EC announces €40m funding in projects to cut CO2 emissions from vehicles

The European Commission, announcing its transport work programme for 2009-10, says there will be a total of  €40 million allocated to its 'green cars' initiative. The Commission is proposing a fund to enable investment in projects aiming to cut vehicle CO2 emissions as public-private partnerships.  Funding for road transport projects in 2010 under the FP7 R&D programme will focus on the electrification of road transport and research into hybrid technologies. In 2011, the Commission will be focusing on projects that look into research surrounding trucks, internal combustion engines, logistics and intelligent transport systems.

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Mayor to review Congestion Charge exemption criteria

London's Mayor Boris Johnson is to review the criteria under which cars are exempt from paying the £8 daily congestion charge in London. Currently, hybrid models are exempt from the charge while some vehicles using conventional techology but producing lower emissions must pay it.  

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Industry News

UK electric van maker announces US joint venture and gets $39m support for US sales

Modec, the Coventry-based electric van company, is to receive a $39m grant from the US government via US joint-venture partner Navistar to sell electric vans in the United States. President Barack Obama announced the grant support as a means of stimulating low carbon van production in the US.

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BMW to launch sub-brand to market its electric cars


BMW has announced that it has secured a supplier of lithium-ion batteries for its new urban electric vehicle called the Megacity and that the car will be launched under a new sub-brand. BMW's news comes shortly after the company said that it is to leave Formula 1 racing.


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Reports & Studies

US report recommends transport funding should be tied to cutting GHG emissions

A new report published in the United States by consultants Booz Allen Hamilton recommends that policy makers should consider funding local and regional transport projects according to the host localities' success in meeting greenhouse gas reduction goals.

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EUCAR outlines R&D needs to speed electric vehicle introduction in new report


The European Council for Automotive R&D (EUCAR) has responded to the European Commission's support for the introduction of electric vehicles by publishing a report which outlines the requirements for further R&D to hasten their widespread appearance in the market.


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LowCVP News

LowCVP activities at the party conferences

The LowCVP is participating in three fringe meetings to be held under the auspices of the Climate Clinic with one event at each of the upcoming party conferences in September and early-October. The Climate Clinic is a collaboration between 21 organisations; a forum where party leaders, ministers, renowned scientists, opinion formers, environmentalists, low-carbon associations, business leaders and the public come together to debate the issues and spotlight the solutions to the problem of climate change.

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Shaping a Greener Future: Decarbonising Road Transport in the UK
15th Oct 2009

This special one-day conference offers a timely opportunity to examine market challenges, policy frameworks, and government funding programmes in the shift to low carbon transport. It will also explore the recent publications and initiatives released by government and transport authorities and consider how these will impact the road transport and automotive sector. A discount of £130 off the standard delegate fee is available for LowCVP members.

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GreenFleet Scotland, sponsored by the Energy Saving Trust
8th Sep 2009

GreenFleet Scotland, sponsored by the Energy Saving Trust, is the year's only opportunity for Scottish Fleet Managers and Heads of Transport to test drive the latest low and zero emission vehicles on the market today, from the likes of Citroen, Peugeot, Honda, VW, BMW and Toyota, etc.

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Whole Life Vehicle Conference 2009
18th Nov 2009

DRIVENet is hosting a 2-day conference, Whole Life Vehicle ‘09, to address the issues of the long-term sustainability of the electric vehicles, hybrid buses, non-fossil fuels and active communications between vehicles already on UK roads.

The conference is scheduled to place at the Turweston Aerodrome, near Silverstone, on 18-19 November 2009 and is aimed at those with an interest in the development of a sustainable transport industry and infrastructure.

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Other News

EPRSC and TSB announce £3m call for future low carbon road transport project proposals

The Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council is inviting outline proposals for small-scale, short-term feasibility projects to explore technologies that might contribute to reducing CO2 emissions from the UK road transport and so help the uptake of low carbon vehicles. The call is being run in conjunction with the Technology Strategy Board’s Integrated Delivery Programme (IDP).

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Advertise your low carbon transport job with the LowCVP

LowCVP members are invited to advertise jobs in low carbon transport on a new section of the LowCVP website and in the LowCVP monthly newsletter. Members are also invited to provide ideas for short 'open space' articles to LowCVP for possible inclusion on the website and in the newsletter. The website receives over 55,000 visits a month and the newsletter goes to 2,000 subscribers.

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